October 1, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Jonah Dalmas

Afai e te faʻaliliu ma faitau lenei toe faafoi atu lau manu e sili ona e fiafia i ai

Well I actually decided I am just going to be 100% honest. My companion isn't the most obedient I have come to find out. Not to criticize him and make him look bad or anything it's just the work has been slower and he has digressed a bit.
It probably is my fault, I need to say something and stick up for myself. But like I mentioned in my last email I am kind of timid, which is honestly probably the reason for me being with him. I just am kind of worried for the people that we are teaching and wonder what will happen when I leave.

This week seemed to be so slow with not much happening. We visited Jesus again and he still is terrified of dying and going to hell. So he really wants to be baptized but he didn't know fully what it takes to be baptized so we had to lay that out. Then he made some kind of interesting comments. He is a scrambled and kind of scary dude. I'm kind of scared of him and not at the same time but he is still really willing or at least I think he is. He said he wants to feed us tomorrow. He is going to buy pizza and then we are going to teach him. With him we just need to be straight up and bold otherwise he doesn't really listen. I am pretty sure he either is or was a gangster I don't know and you really would have to meet him to understand. He loves Jesus so much though he is, I would say obsessed with him in a way.

We met this one girl the other day she is the daughter of a less active. And she is not a member and their family goes to a whole different church. She said that she would come to church either this week or next. She wasn't there yesterday so hopefully she will be their next week. She also said she was going to bring her friend with her because she has been struggling.

Also I was informed more about the used to be members Tom and Liz. So they actually are going to take a long time to get re-baptized. But they are getting there so that's awesome. I did end up buying those lights for them and it was a lot cheaper than they thought. But I am glad I was still able to help them cause now they can get around at night time if they need to. It has been a lot slower this week it seems like.

We also were able to talk to Xochitl again and she came to church. What we kind of decided is that we will just start the lessons all over again. And give her a blessing for comfort and ask her to pray about it again.

We had multi zones and this service were we got hats so we took a picture as a District. Then another picture from last week actually. I got to sing in the Samoan ward too. We sang in Samoan and they tried to spell my name in the program. But they couldn't remember so they just did the actors spelling. Then I remembered that it used to be spelled differently. So I looked on a genealogy app but it is still different so sorry guys no autographs.

-Elder McConnaughhay

P.S. In English the "subject" means "If you translate and read this return your favorite animal".


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