September 24, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Jonah Dalmas

E sili atu tagata! (More people!)

So this week has been a fairly good week. But just something that is so annoying and honestly bothers me. Is when people never let you meet with them again.

That happens so much, we meet with someone and then have an amazing lesson, super good and spiritual. And then they just let all of Satans worldly distractions, well, distract them.
It is so annoying I wish people understood so that so they could decide what they actually want and get their priorities straight. Sorry just my rant but just from that you can guess how my week has been. And I don't want it to sound all bad it really was pretty good just a tiny bit frustrating.
Because when I went on exchanges with my Spanish zone lords we had something magic happen. So the whole day was kinda boring for me just because I don't know any Spanish whatsoever. I still was able to kind of understand a general idea and stuff. But I don't speak very much, but at the end of the day we stopped by a Spanish family. Since their mom wasn't home and wouldn't be for a half hour we decided to just walk around until she got back at nine.
So me and Elder McInnes (one of the refugee missionaries from Nicaragua) were walking for maybe 20 or 30 seconds and then we see some kid walking and we waved and said hi. Then our paths crossed, literally, so we started to talk with him. He is 14 but looked a lot older and was pretty interested. He is a little bit different from other 14 year old kids. He told us that he had just been burning some sage bush in his house and just finished confessing his sins to God and was walking his dog now.
When he found out that we were missionaries he told us to come with him back to his apartment. So we followed him and met his mom. To make a long story a bit shorter we started talking and then got into gospel and spiritual things. They told us about dreams that they had. How their dad/husband had died and about demons and stuff. We found out that the kid is part Indian so that is why he is so into God and the kind of ritual things. But he loved the Book of Mormon because of how it takes place in the American continent and is about the native American people.
We told him about how Jesus Christ visited the America's and he really wanted to read it. We also told him about a bunch of other stuff too and he was really interested and thought it was all super cool.
He loved Joseph Smith and the priesthood. I am actually leaving out so much but let's just leave it at, they were super elect and the reason that we were supposed to be there. We didn't meet with the other family because it had gotten too late but they were still super down for them to come back. Another thing they weren't even in our area. Since they weren't Spanish the Elders had to refer them to some other elders. But we were strategically placed by God so that we would find them. So that is a little bit of my week. We will see what this next week has in store.

Filemu (Keep Calm)

-Elder McConahay

Here are some super cool pictures from the hike we went on this morning and my exchange with Elder McInnes. Let's just say that we found heaven on that hike and it was pretty amazing and sooo beautiful. Partly smog and fog but it was really cool.


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