September 17, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Jonah Dalmas



How's it going?
JK well this week was super fun. I guess I can say that I figured out how I like to teach. So me and Elder Dalmas have been doing pretty good lately. I like it because I am not really all that bold of a person. More on the timid side of the spectrum but I guess it's the spirit. I just end up saying pretty much whatever comes to mind and it comes out with a certain boldness. And I don't know but me and Elder Dalmas have either been really convincing and stuff or the Lord is answering my prayers. I am going to go with the later one. But with that it's cool how he does other things too so that you can have your prayer answered.

But I will just tell you about my favorite thing that happened. Which was an entire day, I can safely say that it was the best day of my mission so far. It started out... Well I actually can't remember how it started so I will actually just put in my journal entree.

Just before I begin, our weeks are kinda slow to start out. Since on Sundays we cover two wards we get about 7.5 hours of church, then that doesn't leave a whole lot of time to work. Same with P-days and then we do service also on certain days so that takes away a few hours. But this week I felt like so much happened because of this one day. It was so filled with stuff that was amazing and actually worth remembering. And here it is:

Two thumbs up for today, today was awesome! We had three lessons today, a service, a bunch of miracles and lastly I crashed the car a little bit. It wasn't really all that bad though, and I didn't have to but I got out of driving so I'm happy.
I mean I love driving but not in the city and not as a missionary. Back home I know where everything is and I can adapt normal to new stuff. I haven't really been all that great here though, and I am tired of all the crap I get. Plus like I said the city sucks.
But our three lessons were all really good and fun. We were able to talk to Tom and Liz, Maria, and Jesus. Our lesson with Tom and Liz went really well. We just talked about the restoration with them, and then we got a bit off topic for a second. Well, I guess not really because we finished but we got into their life and I really feel for them. They put up with a ton and I really just wanted to help in some way. So I offered to pay for new head lights for their car. They are super tight on money and they say the only reason they are still going is because of tithing.
I wanted to help them out.
Then we went to the service at KEC and then went to the next lesson with Maria. This was another super dope lesson. I can't tell you if the one with Javier or this was better. I guess let's go with they are equal. Both were perfect for that person. It was very interesting, her roommate is kinda crazy and really loud with a very small vocab(swearing). But the whole thing was perfect.
We taught the lesson and she asked lots of questions. The emphasis for this lesson was on prophets. (sorry just going to explain a bit. When we taught Javier our lesson was so amazing. Both lessons were definitely led by the spirit and seemed to kind of have a theme. With Javier it was the Holy Ghost and just how and why it matters and what it can do for us.) as we taught her I asked her some questions. One of them was what does a modern day prophet mean to you? And then after that I felt like I should talk about the family a proclamation to the world.
It was perfect. I explained how and why we got it and also the time that we got it. How the world is changing and would really need some guidance in this area.
It was a perfect visual after that she was actually kind of shocked. "so they were able to prophesy and tell the future?" I told her yes and how that is exactly what they are for.
And then explained why I said what I did at the beginning. That is why our message will bring lots of peace and comfort, is because of prophets and the guidance they are able to give us. We talked about temples, the different priesthoods, and agency too. Really, we covered everything it seemed like. But agency was what Elder Dalmas emphasized while I did prophets. He talked about how we were not going to force her. How we couldn't force her. And we both testified of the Book of Mormon and prayer and how she needed to do this.

"Again we only can invite but these two things are the only way you will know if any of what we told you is true. Joseph Smith, our modern prophet, the Book of Mormon and Jesus visiting America, and the priesthood" and it really was so amazing we covered and talked about so much stuff just because she had these questions. She even asked "what will happen to the people who die and never hear about Jesus" but we let that be a cliff hanger for next time.

I actually forgot this too, but when we were with Tom and Liz we actually gave Tom a blessing also and we also gave them (well Elder Dalmas gave them) an invitation to read the Book of Mormon as a couple. And it was totally inspired because of what they have been dealing with.

Also with Maria, sorry I just am going to add this. She had some confusion with Joseph Smith but we fixed that real fast. I just explained how we don't worship him, but respect him and are grateful for him. Because of how hard Satan worked to have this not happen, but that he pushed through and got it done anyway.

Really the lesson was firm and bold like that the whole time it was so amazing. And that all went down and guess what?
I didn't have my name tag... Yeah and even with our lesson with Jesus I still didn't, I forgot still when we went to the apartments. But it was still okay. That lesson was pretty interesting it took place in our car... I will explain.

So first of all me and Elder Dalmas had stopped by and he wasn't home so we were going to just go do our weekly planning. But we got to where we were just about to turn on Alessandro and decided that we should go back. I originally was getting a prompting that we should at least just go back to give them our card. That's just how the Holy Ghost works for me. (sometimes) because that way he was able to pursuade me, we didn't end up giving them a card but he was just telling me. Why not that way they will at least have something and it couldn't hurt. So I told my companion that I think we should give our card at least. He agreed that he felt the same.

As soon as we turned the corner he was pulling into his driveway. And we both just started laughing and making jokes. But we got to talk with him and again he was running a billion mph. So we started with a prayer and the whole time he was talking about his truck. And he just seemed super scrambled, rushed, and chaotic. So I told him something I wanted him to do. This was something I received revelation on and felt prompted to do while I was listening to some MOTAB. But I invited him to look the MOTAB up on YouTube. Anytime that he's feeling just totally messed up, and I promised him blessings of peace and comfort and a clear mind. He then started to talk about how he didn't know if he should work on the truck or listen to us. Really he stresses out so much, all the time. But Elder Dalmas pulled up a song and I said let's listen to this then we will decide. And he seemed to relax a bit as we listened.
Elder Dalmas had to tell him what they were saying though. And after he immediately said well let's go now. So I guess he figured out what he wanted. That was when we drove to Auto Zone to get him the part for his truck. And we taught him in the car. It was a little bit of a different lesson because we just read the pamphlet to him and asked him what it said.
It worked and I think maybe it is just how he will best learn. But we were also able to talk about Adam and Eve and agency because as we talked about prophets Adam came up. We were able to buy the part and go back to fix his truck. And also agency came up again. He is super mixed up inside. He knows God is important and stuff and he really is very very committed but he has some wrong ideas. But we just told him that we have our agency to choose and that is how we learn. If God is the person that we rely on for everything we can't learn. Relying on God is important but he wants us to grow.

Then I crashed the car as I backed out for his test run. It wasn't that bad mostly just scratching. And after that we gave a blessing to the sisters. Today was epic. We helped so many people today. The sisters, Jesus with his truck, he was worried about that for a while. The other blessing and then all three of those lessons.

Sorry this is so long but yeah that is all I will be writing about this week some other stuff happened too with Jesus. He has a girlfriend that wasn't really interested at all. But after all of that I guess she trusts us and was super curious. And to make a long story less long we picked her up as a new. There was stuff that obviously had to lead up to it but we taught her about a bunch of doctrine with third Nephi 11. She is really excited to read the Book of Mormon with Jesus. Along with other details and some other days even. But this week has been insane and amazing! I will talk to all of you next week.

-Elder McConahay

P.S. I don't have very many pictures again so sorry. I finally got one of me and my companion. Also I got one of a sweet tie that I got made last p-day. ( we got white ties at Burlington and then Bishop Pula tie printed them for us. He has a store and all the tools and was offering so we thought it was really cool). Then I guess just for fun I will send out a picture of Jesus that is my favorite.


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