September 10, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Jonah Dalmas


Literally the only reason why I named it that is because of a picture I have of a shrimp. One of the members in the English ward has a Ghost shrimp. It is see through and stuff so you can see its heart and everything. But I thought it was cool because I never was able to find it in the tank because it's clear. It is super hard to find plus it likes to hide. But I got a picture of it and it is pretty good too considering the camera I was using. (phone) the camera on the j7 honestly is the worst but what are you gonna do. I also finally have some pictures of my companion.🎉

My week this week was pretty great again. Still witnessing a ton of miracles everyday and having lots of success. My opinion of success is maybe different from some of the other missionaries. But just one thing that made me super super happy and feel very successful, was when we had splits with the bishops son. I actually had never done splits before so I did not know what to do. But my companion said that he would usually just have the youth come out for the whole day. And it was a Saturday so we asked if he was cool with it, he was, so he came out and it was really fun. We all had a good time, he was able to join us in our role play and went with us to contacts and a bunch of different stuff. We didn't teach anyone but we had set up some appointments for Sunday. And during sacrament he texted us because he wanted to come out again. So he did, sadly all of our appointments fell through or had to reschedule.(one of them for today) but it was awesome he got so pumped for it. He was so excited to come out again, that to me is successful. Getting him excited about being a missionary, helping to prepare him for his mission.

Basically I say success is anytime we are able to do good that will benefit the growth of the kingdom of heaven in some way.
We also had a random and seriously insane miracle happen yesterday during church. Two baptisms walked into church. They are from Oregon and were taking all the lessons there. They were members and were sealed in the temple and all that stuff. But then they just decided that they wanted to have their records removed. And npw they decided that they wanted to be baptized again. But just before they were baptized they moved out here, and they came to church this week. I personally am not going to count this as my baptism I give all the credit to the peeps in Oregon.
I kind of want to email or somehow send a picture to the Missionaries in Oregon just to show them that they are still meeting with the missionaries. And then when they are baptized send another picture. I think that would be so cool if that happened to me. I mean they did all the work they should be able to see what happened from their work. But we literally don't have to do anything. So its kind of cheating but it's really cool because our mission is setting higher goals. Our mission has been struggling with baptisms the last couple years and we have been trying to show more faith and a bunch of stuff like that. It's working, we had a higher number last month than we have for a couple years apparently. Our goal was around 100 but we only ended up getting like 30. But still like I said an improvement and it broke records. Then this month we set our goal as 130. And I just think it's cool, with that miracle because we are able to contribute what we said we would this month. So I am excited to see what happens.
Miracles are real and the Lord will and has provided. God is literally the best, he is so insanely amazing and I love him so much! ❤️

Here are those pictures of my companion and the magic shrimp.

Sorry guys I am super lame I should send more pictures, of me I know I will repent and try to do better. I just don't really like being in pictures sometimes. I added a picture of me and Elder Dundon. You're welcome.👍

-Elder McConahay


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