August 27, 2018

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My Weekly Group Letter

This week was pretty similar to last week just in appointments and stuff. I got to go to the temple and do a session at the Redlands temple which was pretty great. The temple is such a beautiful place to be. I got lucky and got to go twice in a short period of time. Sadly I now have to wait 6 months to go again.

This is my last email concerning Elder Su'a he is leaving like I thought. But we had a pretty good last week together. We have this new lady we are teaching and we taught her a couple times this week and she said she would come to church and we set up a ride and everything but she wasn't home. She came to us. She ordered a Book Of Mormom and said she was turning her life over to God so she is pretty elect. Or she seems to be. I thought it was a little interesting that she wanted a Book of Mormon. I still don't know a whole lot about her because every time they taught her I was on exchanges.

But I don't think she really knew what the Book of Mormon was but she wanted one, and also wanted to be taught by the missionaries. So kind of different but cool.

Then we had a baptism for Victor and Arthur. It was sweet! Me and Elder Su'a were in charge of everything so it took up a lot of our Sunday. Having to get everything ready was what made it so exciting I think. The anticipation made it so much fun. We had to fill the font, make copies of a bunch of different things, set up the room, and some other stuff. Then the baptism came and it was awesome! Victor was baptized first and there was a bit of a struggle with how the hands go and the wording and things. But we eventually got it, then after was Arthur his little Bro. It was so good to see both of them get baptized. Something really cute happened after they were both baptized. Their four year old brother started to cry because he wanted to be baptized too. It was such a good baptism me and Elder Su'a were very happy. We wanted to baptize this transfer and we did, literally the last day of the transfer.

My new companion is Elder Dalmas I have served around him before in LE (Lake Elsinore) I little bit on what I know about him. He is a really good soccer player. He got some kind of award for being the best player in the state of Colorado. He is wanting to play for team USA after his mission. He has been out for the same amount of time as Elder Su'a and he is pretty cool and pretty fun. I will learn more I'm sure but that is a bit of what I know.

- Elder McConahay

1.Victor and Arthur being taught one last time
2. Victor and Arthur's family
3. Me outside the Redlands temple
4. Wild donkeys that come down from the hills near by and just walk around in the neighborhoods and eat peoples grass.
5. Just your typical California ice-cream truck/swat van (the kids here are pretty sketch...)


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