August 21, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Samila Su'a


My p-day is actually today because we are going to the temple. Sorry for not saying anything in my last email I didn't even think about it. I don't really know how today is going to go with the temple and all that, so to be safe I am writing this first that way if anything happens I will have at least sent an email to all of you.

Me and Elder Su'a have had a pretty good week. We have a baptism for the 26th with a little nine year old. His name is Victor and also for his little Bro he is eight. I have loved teaching these guys they are so legit. Can I just say that teaching little people is probably the funnest thing. Especially making little games for them and then watching them learn the gospel from it. I made a puzzle and Elder Su'a made a matching game for one lesson. And for another we made road pieces and used hot wheels cars for another. To help teach the commandments and also about baptism.

You know how I told you guys about the movie lesson with Xochitl? Well that still has not happened, it should be today though. 🀞 That has been how our week has gone pretty much in general. Canceled or rescheduled appointments all week because something comes up. Can I just say that Satan sucks! 😲 He is soo annoying but that's how we know that what we are doing is important. And that we are on the right track, is when he starts to make things more difficult. Sometimes being a missionary is the greatest thing in the universe and other times it truly is just heartbreaking and frustrating. Just got to keep praying for people and working hard I guess.

Transfers are coming up very soon and I can almost guarantee that I will be getting a new companion which is the most sad thing ever. Elder Su'a is my favorite and I am going to miss him. Hopefully he doesn't go too far🀞and I get to see him sometimes. But I look forward to seeing my new companion and am a little excited to see who that will be. Love hate relationship at its finest. I will let you guys know details when I got em. Thanks for all the emails that you guys sent me today and sorry for not being able to respond... πŸ˜”

I wrote that first part this morning and I was right. Today has been very crazy and pretty busy. I will only be sending out this email. But I love all of you thanks for all that you guys do. You guys are awesome and I don't know what I would do with out you guys. To my family KEEP IT UP and I love you guys!! 😁 To all the rest of you thank you so much for all your support and friendship. It means the world to me to have friends like all of you and I am so glad that I know every one of you. Good luck with any and all challenges that you guys may be going through. And know that I am praying for you. Have a πŸ’£week!!

-Elder McConahay


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