August 13, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Samila Su'a

Second Coming?

Well this week has been actually pretty gross. The air here is terrible lately because of a massive fire. I don't know if you maybe have seen it on the news or something.
In Lake Elsinore my last area there is a fire somewhere really close. It is really big. I am in Moreno Valley so you can look that up on a map because earlier in the week we could see ashes floating around the air here. So it is pretty bad we are not super close and the ashes are being carried over. The wind has stopped blowing all the garbage over here as much so it isn't like that anymore.

I visited Lake Elsinore to go to the temple with my old companion and an recent convert and there were ashes everywhere. Buildup of ash on cars, buildings, all over in the streets. Kind of messed up and apocalyptic, its like the end of the world.
The sky is really dark when the wind does blow this way, and every night the sunset is a very deep red color. It makes the light in the day a weird orangish color. The color that a light bulb gives off, sort of like that just all over the place. It's really sad because the fire has caused people to need to evacuate even some of the Missionaries have had to leave. It was all started on purpose, but some crazy California man. This is just what I heard but someone said a few days before he lit everything up. He was walking around yelling that "this place is going to burn."

It is kind of funny almost all of my MTC district are in Canada and it has been raining really bad. But here it is the exact opposite it never ever rains here, in fact ashes have started to fall from the sky. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿœ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

But aside from that me and Elder Su'a had a really good week. We talked to a bunch of people and set up some appointments. But our week has been pretty swell if I do say so myself. Tuesday was The Council or district council and that was fun we practiced a song that we will be doing for the multi-zone. Then we had our studies and stuffs then Seek With Faith. Wednesday was exchanges with Zone Leaders so I got to be in Spanish land once again. Service that day was washing the helicopter that we moved last time I was there. We had to end exchanges a little bit earlier because the Zone Leader had MCM. Because of that I got to see Xochitl (socheel) again and we had a sweet lesson with her. I think have told you guys about her before. But she is cool and I love her whole family they are great!
After our meeting with her we feel like we need to watch the movie The Restoration. Which is really cool I am pretty excited for tomorrow. You don't usually get to watch things like that with investigators. But it is such a good movie and it will definitely bring the spirit. It should also help her concerns. The next day was bomb I got to go to the temple like I said. It was really fun, I love the temple so much! ๐Ÿ˜ฒJanice was way happy she is so amazing. I noticed that she doesn't call us by our first names any more (Facebook) which is good.

Friday was pretty normal the first person we did talk to I am pretty sure was on something. We parked our car to stop by someone and he asked us from across the street if we were Christians. Once we answered yes he just started talking and we were across the street so we couldn't really hear him. It was super weird but eventually we walked over and shook his hand. Then we could kind of understand him. Turns out that it didn't matter whether we got closer or not he didn't make sense anyway. A mix of swearing, gangster stuff, something about Toupac, and scripture. It was weird but funny, so sometimes we talk to some pretty interesting peeps. Then later someone set up a time with us which was cool. He had some born again questions so hopefully it's not a bash but we will see I guess.
Sunday was good we spent most of our day at the church because we cover two wards. But after we went to dinner and I got my Samoan name from the bishop and another member. Ma'a (mah ah) they chose that because my name reminded them of it in the way it sounds I guess, I can see it. But it means rock and that is pretty much my week.

- Elder McConahay


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