August 6, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Samila Su'a

Week 17

This week has been amazing. Elder Su'a is my favorite companion so far. He is the best. I liked Elder Phister but Elder Su'a understands me better and we get along and work in a much more united and balanced way.
The next lesson/skill I am able to learn with him is how to be a conduit of love. This past week we had talked to three different people that at first were very closed off and didn't want to talk with us, but by the end of all three contacts we were laughing with them and even taught them a little bit about what we believe. Really we just planted some amazing seeds and really changed what they thought of us.
You could really tell that because their whole countenance changed and they really warmed up to us. I also think that they were able to feel Gods love through us which makes me very happy. I love doing this. I have been learning I guess how to be an instrument for God.

Two of the people told us that we had brightened their day and that they were very happy they were able to talk to us. We shared scriptures and doctrine but really at the perfect times and in such a natural way. We were able to be the Lords hands by loving them and helping them feel his love through us. Which I think is an amazing lesson and I want to learn even more of how I can do this better.

It really was only possible with Elder Su'a because of the balance that I talked about which I found is key. I have loved being in a Samoan ward they are so cool and they love the missionaries. I love the English ward also but the Samoan ward treats us more like friends than missionaries which I like. They both are so much fun and they feed us really well so I probably will gain some weight. So far I have not gained that much because I just don't gain weight very well but I guess we will see.

I think that it is kind of funny but actually the first sentence that I have learned is "Thank you for food" which in Samoan is "faafetai lava meaai" it also has some of these things ' in there I can't remember where they go or actually what these are called ' but maybe I will later.
We were also able to do some unplanned service this week before we went to seek with faith right after our dinner. We helped them move some furniture, and since our dinner was delivered to us we were still on time to Seek With Faith.
Also we were able to teach a progressing person. He technically will be a convert but he is nine and is going to be baptized with his brother who is eight. We made a little game/lesson for them and they had a lot of fun. I was really excited for that because our other lessons weren't as well thought out and didn't seem to go as well.

This one was and it was fun to see them learning and understanding. We also have two other people that we are visiting with one has been being taught be missionaries for about 19 years so just about as long as I have been alive and the other is really very close as well. We have been praying for them and what they need. One is in the Samoan ward and the other is in the Lasselle ward and they both have really good fellowship and are part member families and love the church a ton. They just don't feel that they have an answer yet I guess. I have hope for them and know that they are almost there. There's just one little thing missing and once we find out what it is I will let you know.

Elder McConahay


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