July 30, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Samila Su'a

Week 16

I had another good week, not as crazy as last week but still worth sharing of course. The thing that made it so amazing is the thing that I learned.
Not as much crazy stuff happened but I learned lots of important lessons. How to have charity and show my Faith in the lord.
It was one of those things that the spirit teaches you and it happened over the course of last week. It doesn't sound like a big deal, really it is pretty obvious. But I learned for myself a very important lesson that has made all the difference, and I had so much fun this week.
I understand better what it means to have charity. And also because I am doing my best at trusting Heavenly Father with all the things that I do.
Charity, hope, and faith are something that I understand better and have tried to apply. This week we went on a couple exchanges and I had lots of fun.
I was able to learn a bunch from the missionaries that I served with those days and also from the experiences that I had.
I met lots of people this week and I guess what I was able to learn from this is that we plant seeds all the time. We also nurture those seeds that have been planted already. I was able to see it this week as I went on exchanges and it helped me realize that when we are obedient we are fulfilling the Lords work.

I also learned this week the importance of listening to the spirit, something that I really want to get better at. I have done a lot better and have noticed the blessings all through out this week I have learned so much. Sorry it might not sound as interesting as last weeks email might have sounded.
It was just as eventful though just on a more spiritual level and it isn't really as fun for you as it is for me so I tried to make it brief and not bore you. That's just mostly what my week consisted of.

- Elder McConahay


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