July 9, 2018


Lake Elsinore


Elder Kyle Phister

Week 13

Okay so my week has been a little boring, super lame actually. What happened on Wednesday was Elder Phister almost broke his leg so our day was pretty intense but everything after has been slower. He ended up spraining his leg super bad in basket ball. The stupid thing is that he wasn't even playing, he was guarding an Elder that was practicing a move. This week will have a couple pictures and videos.

We have really just been sitting around the apartment everyday. We haven't done very much work, we have done a couple things and picked up a new investigator. We were pretty close to hitting finding standard actually which is funny because we have orders from president and we aren't even supposed to be working.
We have a car now so we aren't biking and it isn't too hard to go out and see people. We mostly just go out after a dinner or something like that. Other than that we just sit around the apartment.
I was able to finish the Book of Mormon and we have watched a bunch of church movies. But I don't really know, not much has happened.

Here is also a picture of me asleep in the urgent care. Some masks we bought for the 4th, our new car and a few pictures of his ankle.

Last week was pretty good I just don't remember what happened very well. So this is probably all I will write this week. Sorry my emails aren't very good anyway and now it is super short because nothing has been happening. Talk to you guys next week, and if any of you want to you could send me a more personal email. I don't get very many emails so it would be kind of fun


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