June 25, 2018


Lake Elsinore


Elder Kyle Phister

Week 11

My week this week was pretty sweet and I have hard time remembering everything that happens. We were able to meet with some of our more regular investigators and we also found some new people and were able to teach them.
I am going to talk about our two investigators that we have been teaching for a while. Janice and Connie. You probably don't remember them, but how we found them was through a member.
Originally it was only Janice and then she started to bring her friend. They are both so ready for the gospel they love it, and I love watching them when we teach. Janice is different now. She doesn't speak as much and she listens more as we teach her. Her friend is also very willing to listen and change too. We asked them both to live the word of wisdom and had a lesson/discussion on that and they both accepted.
We were also able to talk to another one of our investigators, Adaira she is so amazing. I love talking to her. She hasn't known us for very long but she is like our best friend, and you can tell that she likes it when we come over and she loves talking to us.

It is pretty annoying, and Satan is really stupid. All of our investigators are being attacked, they all have had some sort of medical problem. About two or three have had to go to the hospital in the past week, one didn't go to the hospital but got food poisoning, and there is only one that hasn't been attacked.
It has made it kind of hard to meet, still possible just super inconvenient. And then none of them were able to come to church yesterday, they all had something come up.
Even Adaira, Janice, and Connie weren't able to make it. We tried though, Elders Balls, Bailey, Phister, and me were singing in our ward so we even used that as a reason for them to come.
Super lame because no one showed but I guess there is next week. Elder Bailey is the Elder that Replaced Elder Saville, and he is actually a Spanish speaking missionary. He was in a trio with a missionary that we recently got from Nicaragua. His mission got shut down for a little bit so he was sent to California. Now Elder Balls and Elder Bailey cover the Spanish and English wards. Elder Balls is trying to learn Spanish now.

I don't ever send pictures, but after we sang in church yesterday one of the members took our picture and sent it to our moms. She gave a talk in sacrament meeting about how someone did that for her. She was having a hard day and then she got a picture of her son and she said that she couldn't tell that story and not do the same. So here is a picture I guess, and I didn't even take it but...

-Elder McConahay


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