June 11, 2018


Lake Elsinore


Elder Kyle Phister

Week 9

Well I actually sometimes hate emailing it is kind of annoying. Trying to figure out how to get all the people into the TO box, I think I figured it out though.
We will see I guess, but sorry about last week I just sent emails to my family and to my mission president. I wasn't having the best day and just didn't care so it never happened.

I guess I will just tell you all of what has happened this week. This week was actually pretty crazy and pretty fun.
Elder Phister and I had a really good week this week, we met a bunch of people.
The first day of the week we were out contacting, it was Monday so we had just gotten out and were trying to make some contacts with people. The only success that we had was with two families that took up the rest of our night. The story is pretty interesting. Apparently they had been having a little bit of a debate about the Mormon religion, about Joseph Smith and some other things. They had been talking about it and then the perfect people showed up, the missionaries. We basically taught them the entire first lesson to answer all their questions.

It was so cool they listened the whole time, not a word was said and after they were super excited and they thought it was cool how they had been talking about this and we happened to walk by. They offered us some food and we ate and talked with them some more and eventually found out that they know Bishop Aragon through being coaches for sports. So they are actually super cool with us and they both really wanted to come by our church and check it out, say hi to everyone.
Sadly they weren't able to make it to church this week but both families are still really wanting to come so hopefully we will see them next week.

The next day was also pretty cool it started out like any other day, we did our studies and all of the usual things. After we had a church tour with a new lady named Janice we taught her the first lesson and we talked about a lot of things. She has been a around the block as far as religion goes and she really liked that we believe in the Godhead, like the Jehovah's Witnesses. She also liked the Book of Mormon and she liked the story of Joseph Smith. We talked about baptism and we invited her to be baptized, she said yes and also said she would be coming to church.
If wasn't a for sure thing this week but next week would be just because she had some things going on. She is super cool she knows a lot about the Bible and likes to talk about it. She was a referral from a member in our ward.
After her, we had a really really good lesson with someone that we had met the week before. It is actually a interesting story, we met him on Wednesday at a house that we had contacted before. We usually don't talk to people that we have talked to before but Elder Phister saw them outside and really felt like he should talk to them. So we did and the person that we ended up talking to didn't even live there, his name is Rigo. We met with Rigo and the lesson we had was really good. We taught him the restoration lesson and a bunch of other things as well.
I remember that we talked about different religions and the atonement and we invited him to be baptized and he was very willing to do it he only had one concern with being baptized. It was an infection that he has had for several years on his toe, and he didn't want to gross people out when he was baptized.
We told him he could wear a sock and he was totally okay with it. He also ended up sharing with us a personal story about his infection, one that involved lots of different experiences that he has had in his life.
We continued to talk to him, mostly about the priesthood, and we went into the power of priesthood and how we held the priesthood and we had the authority to give blessings. This was something that interested him so we ended up giving him a blessing. It really was a very good experience, I am so glad that we have the power of priesthood.
After our lesson we had a dinner appointment and Rigo being the awesome person that he is drove us to the appointment which was nice because we didn't have to bike. After our dinner it took some time but we eventually found Adaira. She is a girl around our age and she was actually very new to this area. I mean new as she just moved there, but she has lived there before when she was younger. We talked to her a while and the message that we have as missionaries seemed to be one that interested her. She was wanting more peace in here life and she definitely deserves it.
From what she told us she has experienced some pretty intense stuff and that is actually why she had to move. The gospel is something that would be very good for her to have in her life right now, and I know that we were shown her for a reason. We actually had been by the house she was staying at before, but she just happened to be outside. We talked to her for a long time and we invited her to be baptized and to come to church she said she would do both.

The next day we talked to Joey again and I don't have anything on him in my journal about our initial contact with him. But we met him through our service that we do every week at a place called habitat for humanity. The story on how he met us is kinda cool, he went in to the break room to get some coffee. The sisters were back there and they started talking to him and being super nice. And basically what happened is they talked and he really like what we do as missionaries and he ended up meeting the rest of us. And he wanted to start meeting with missionaries he was interested in our church.
Me and Elder Phister cover the area where he lives so we got to meet him and we set up an appointment. So that's how we met him, and today we had a church tour with him.
Before our church tour he wanted to meet up he said that he was feeling confused lost and didn't know what to do. He thought of the church and went there and then he called us and said he was waiting for us. We had a meeting with him and we talked to him about how he was doing with his reading and he went on to tell us how much he loves the Book of Mormon, how much he loves the church. We even talked a little bit more about his baptism and he wants me to baptize him. Which is really amazing that we have only met with him twice and he wants to be baptized.
We met with him again an hour later, we had the official church tour and lesson and we still didn't even get all the way through the first lesson but he loves meeting with us and loves the gospel.

This week has been so crazy we have met so many people for us and also for the other elders too. We could have had lots of people at church this week because we talked to lots of people. Not all of them showed but we had three which are pretty solid.

-Elder McConahay


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