May 28, 2018


Lake Elsinore


Elder Kyle Phister

Happy Memorial Day

I have a weird rash that I have on my knees and elbows and just a general itching over my entire body. He says it might be my detergent so I have stopped using the Tide Pods that I bought, and I know we used Arm and Hammer at home so I bought some of that. I don't know if it is working it is too soon to tell but hopefully the itching will stop. I know that you had to stop using something when I was a baby because it was giving me a rash and I was wondering if it was Tide.

A funny story about that actually, I had the rash for a couple weeks but one night I was itching so I was going to apply this cream that Elder Phister has been letting me use. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed it, I put a little bit on my finger and my first thought was, wow this is thicker than I remember. But ignored it and put some on my ankle and made sure that it got rubbed in really good then I realized I had just put toothpaste on my ankle, but because of the itching I didn't even realize.

That's why I really want it to go away it makes it kind of hard to concentrate sometimes. I think that our ward might be cursed everyone has had some kind of sickness or injury. Elder Phister got a stye a few weeks ago, Elder Steiner had this thing with his eye, Elder Saville now currently has a really bad canker sore, and I have this weird rash and an itching over my entire body, and I crashed on my bike.

I really have changed quite a bit, and my reasons for being out have become so much stronger. My testimony has been growing and so have I. I really love being out and I just want to do my best, I want to be the very best missionary that I can be. I want to help people make them feel the peace that I have felt. I have gained a testimony of the atonement for sure. I have felt of that love that Jesus Christ has for us.
I have had some pretty hard days out here in the field, and some days I don't even know how to explain the feeling or things that I am going through. But it is really so nice knowing that there is someone out there that really does know me. I don't even have to say a word to try to explain how I am feeling, he already knows and that brings me the most comfort.
Everything about the gospel is amazing, and it brings so much happiness into my life. It gives me the guidance that I need, and with out it I would be so lost.

It has been a pretty good week it really hasn't been very hot, the first couple weeks that I was here it was pretty warm but not so for this week. We have been doing some pretty fun things. Today we had a multi-zone activity and we got some jerseys for it. I will send you some pictures of them it was pretty fun. The name is STITCHES with a 4 because of the four stitches that I had to get.

-Elder McConahay


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