May 21, 2018


Lake Elsinore


Elder Kyle Phister

Week 6

I had my very first investigator at church yesterday it is super cool that he came. His name is Keith and he has lots of challenges, but as we have taught him it has been cool to see him learn and he even has been able to stop smoking as much. He used to smoke 10 cigarettes a day and as he has been reading the Book of Mormon that we gave him and has continued to meet with us he has brought that number down to 3.
Something else that has been very cool is watching him learn and his ability to understand and remember things grow. When we first met with Keith he had a very hard time retaining anything because of his mental disabilities and his reading skills are not good, but he really is changing right before our eyes.
He is a very interesting character and asked some interesting questions but some of them if you really thought about it actually made sense, they were just worded in a complicated way. I love that he is understanding and asking questions. I am excited for him because I know that this could really help him a lot in his life, much more than it already has.

Something that happened two days earlier when I was on an exchange with Elder De Mare got me thinking. We were talking with one of the recent converts in his area, and he talked with us for a long time about lots of stuff. We talked about the book of Mormon, family, and other things as well but we eventually got to his conversion story.
He talked to us about how lucky we are to have been members our whole lives. Now I have only even been alive for 19 years but he is right I may not have always had the testimony that I have now., but I have had the answers to all those questions that people have, and I have actually taken that for granted.
I have had the answers my whole life and I have never tried to share it or appreciate it. I have lived in Utah my whole life and never really had those opportunities as often as somewhere else, but they are still there.
Now it is much different though. I have the opportunity to share the gospel every day for a period of two years. Talking to him made me even more happy to be out here. He was going to be getting his patriarchal blessing the next day and to see how excited he was and also seeing how the gospel had blessed his life really made me so happy.
Honestly, I cant wait until I am the one doing what people did for my family so many years ago, changing peoples lives.

I challenge you guys to make the gospel a more important part of your life. This really is the whole purpose for us being here on the earth. The purpose of the plan of salvation is to return back to Heavenly Father and the knowledge that we have is so precious.
We have been blessed with this knowledge and we need to pay it forward. I challenge you to make the gospel more important in your lives. Nothing else really matters, there are people out here that have absolutely nothing, there are so many homeless people and so many people with real challenges in their lives and I haven't had too many opportunities yet, but I will and know it can bless people.
I have met with one of Elder Phisters converts that he baptized when he first came out. She not by chance has moved to the same ward as us, and she never got into the temple. That is one of our goals with her. Before she met the missionaries and had the gospel she was homeless. She had nothing. She didn't have anyone or anything, but when she started to live the gospel it really changed her life. She has received so many blessings. She is not homeless anymore she has a little trailer and lives in that and she is one of the happiest people I have met.
THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE. We are not here to waste our time with the things of the world. Those things do not matter. We are here to share the happiness that this gospel brings and bring our brothers and sisters back to heaven with us.
So again I challenge you all to make the Gospel or the good news a bigger part of your lives. That is what the gospel means. It really is the good news and we need to share it. Pray for those opportunities everyday.

-Elder McConahay


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