May 7, 2018


Lake Elsinore


Elder Kyle Phister

You Now Have Mail From Elder Preston McConahay

Well this week was pretty good at first we were doing really good, I think so anyway I am not quite sure what is good. But we got five new investigators this week, I invited three people to be baptized this week and two said said yes. It is sad though because we also invited people to church and we have had appointments. But they pushed back appointments and the two didn't end up coming to church. Which made me really sad I was hoping for some progress from people and I really want to help people and make them happy with the knowledge of this gospel. But I guess I am still new and I don't really quite know what is going on yet. But hopefully I will get the hang of this and we will get some peeps to church.

One guy that I think may still keep meeting with us is Keith,The bipolar schizophrenic. He did end up reading out of the BOM and he has prayed with us. So he has progressed he didn't end up coming to church like I said before. But hopefully if we keep teaching him his mom will get more comfortable with us. I think that honestly was the problem she just didn't want to leave her son with some strangers, which is understandable. Marcos is the other one we invited to church has also been very promising he didn't seem very interested when we first started to teach. But as we talked he really started to show interest, and we ended up talking with him and sharing more about the gospel for 30or40 minutes I would think I don't know maybe it was longer. We have invited him to read the BOM as well. He said that he will try to find some time. Then there is Hendir and Mario w/ family, we have only met with Hendir one time but he seems promising. And then their is Mario and his family, they seem pretty interested and I really want to keep teaching all of them more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

All of our investigators are pretty cool though Mario when we met him he has working in his shop. He had this sweet car in his drive way, and when I saw it I started to talk with him about it. He was working on a helmet but he let us in and we talked with him for a while. And have since gone back to teach him again, along with his family.
How we met Marcos is a little complicated because when we originally contacted his family, it was his wife Maria that we talked to. They are both super nice and have this way cute 2 1/2 year old little boy named Aiden. But we haven't had the opportunity to talk with Maria yet because she is super busy and she takes her mom to dialysis two days out of the week. So we hope to catch her but we have talked to her husband a little bit.
The first time we met with Hendir we only talked for maybe three minutes and he had to leave somewhere, but we set up a return appointment and we talked to him about the restoration, Book of Mormon, and how our church works and is different from other churches.

Yeah this week was a pretty good one and hopefully we can continue to find those people.

-Elder McConahay


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