April 21, 2018


Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center


Elder Joshua Saville

Only 2 days left in the MTC

Lots has been happening since I talked to you last.

You guys will be getting a package soon with some tie pins for Cade and Dad. They don't have much in the store but they got some pins recently and I thought it would be cool to send you guys something.
Also I got this idea to buy a shirt in the MTC store and I have had everyone in my district sign it and I will also have all of my companions sign it as well. I got the idea and now every one is copying me, so everyone has matching shirts when we go to gym time and on our p-day.
Yeah I leave in like two days which is so crazy I cant believe how fast that went. When I got here I was so scared, it was not what I had expected at all. My companion didn't want to be here, but he really has changed a ton. I feel way more confident in teaching, and when you get to the point in teaching when you just are teaching by the spirit and know that it isn't even you talking, it is super cool. Even Elder Saville has done this too. There have been multiple times in our lessons that I get a prompting to dig deeper into a subject or ask a certain question, and I don't think he realizes then, but after words I have told him how I get a prompting and hesitate because the question is a little personal or weird and immediately after he asks the same question.

Now I just need to get better at listening to the promptings that I have been getting. Heavenly Father is trying to get me more comfortable with asking certain questions I guess.

But I will talk to you later when I get to California.

-Elder McConahay


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