July 23, 2018


Nampa, Idaho


Elder Dunham

Middleton Week 8

Hey All! It's been another week that has kept us all busy out here. And it has been 100 degrees basically everyday which has been lovely. Especially since we have had to walk everywhere this week. Friday I got burned pretty good, but that's the first time in 8 weeks so thats pretty good for me haha
So Thursday we had interviews with our mission President, President Sorensen. He talked about how most visa waiters that he has had in this mission left after the 2nd transfer so hopefully that will stay true. If so, that would be in 4 weeks so we will see what happens. Everyday I still have everyone ask me about my visa which gets really annoying. Hopefully it works out because the Bacolod Philippines Mission is low on missionaries out there. They have a couple "temporary" missionaries that serve for about a month. That's how low they are out there.
Friday was a great day. I was on exchanges with Elder Jarvis, my MTC companion from back in the day haha. We had an awesome day and we met with Nicole. We talked about the Priesthood and she talked about how she had a priesthood blessing a couple months ago and she was healed within 2 days. She knows the Priesthood is restored. So we talked about a lot of things and baptism came up. I asked her if she would want to be baptized. She has concerns about her being able to quit smoking and we talked about it and she was able to set the date. We are shooting for August 25th and she came to a baptism we had that night and she really felt the Spirit. Satan always tries to stop them from being baptized. For example, the kid that hit her and her boyfriends car and essentially killed her and then she was brought back to life is being released from prison after 5 months. They are letting him leave early on parole and she is trying to travel down to New Mexico this week to testify at the Parole hearing. Its a really tough situation. Sunday she came to church and it was a really weird first Sacrament Meeting for her. We sang "If You Could Hie to Kolob" just after we told her last discussion to focus on the words of the Hymns. Also, the speakers talked about Pioneers and Temples which are awesome, but they didn't bring up a single piece of doctrine. Oh and the one speaker brought up polygamy like 10 times in her talk. Overall, the Bishop couldn't wait for that meeting to end haha.
Today has been good. One of the members in our ward takes us and the Elders we live with to Walmart to shop. Oh and then we got Chick-fil-a which tasted amazing. We've been relaxing today some today because our past couple P-days have been so busy with transfers and our Temple trip. 
This week should be another good, yet hot week. This Saturday we have the 3 Durtschi kids getting baptized. They are so excited and it will be a wonderful day. I hope you all are having an awesome summer and I can't believe that July is almost over. I'll talk to you all next week!
---Elder Burton---


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