May 18, 2018


MTC Provo, Utah


Elder Jarvis

MTC "Trust the Process" Part 5 (ITS BEEN A MONTH?!)

One month completed. In other words, only 12 more days until I am free and on my way to the Philippines. I honestly can't wait to receive my travel plan. That is what keeps me staying positive. The MTC is cool... for about 3 weeks. Now its just like repeating the same schedule and sitting in class for 6 hours a day and its so deadly haha Here is a little Quote from my journal entry last night, "Same old, same old. Just trying to take it one day at a time." We have 3 things that we look forward to every week. 1. P-day, which means we get to get up an hour early and go to the Temple. 2. Sunday night because we have a devotional and then its our Sunday Film time, which is MOVIE night haha and 3. Tuesday Night Devotional tungod we always have an awesome speaker. And all the Elders in our zone have created it as our Ice Cream night, so we all go and get some ice cream from the vending machine. And all in between is learning and teaching lessons and eating MTC food (Somehow it gets worse, I don't know how its possible) and growing closer to the awesome Elders in my zone. 
So last weekend was a little weird and tough but overall I think it truly brought all of the zone together. One of the sisters in the other district had been super sick. She went to the hospital a few times pero they really didn't help. The first time she went, they just said it was allergies and all of us knew that wasn't true. Eventually it got so bad that she would throw up like 7 times a day at least and when she went to the hospital they didn't have a clue what the problem was. Also, A sister in my district had been having problems with her feet. She went to the doctors and they told her she had bone spurs in both her feet and would eventually need to have surgery. One of the district presidents she met with made it sound like she was gonna have to go home and have surgery on it when we all would leave for the Philippines. All the Elders in our zone kneeled and prayed together on Friday night and it was such an awesome experience. As soon as the prayer started, the spirit was so strong. It was so powerful to be a part of. Tapos we all fasted as a zone Sunday and it was a wonderful experience. Now, the sister in the other district feels soooo much better and actually is able to continue growing and learning and the sister in my district is doing well enough that she should be able to go out with us all to the Philippines. It was tough in the moment pero in hindsight it brought all of the Elders and Sisters in the zone together. 
Sunday was good and movie night was well earned. Earlier this week the new missionaries were a pain to be around. Most of them are on the younger side so they are less mature than the two original districts. It really showed tungod they weren't being exactly obedient and just made most of us annoyed. They have been doing better recently so thats good. Also, Sunday devotional was really good. Weird note, the assistant executive secretary of the MTC is an exact replica of Trump. It is so weird. He was sitting on the stand for the devotional and he was right behind the chorister so whenever we sang, it was his face next to the words. It was so hard to focus on singing when you had Trump staring into your soul haha Its weird tungod we see him everywhere. And we always say " Donny T sa balay". It means Donny T in the house hahaha Its hilarious. Then we learned about being exactly obedient and they were really good talks. 
This week has been good, but its just same old same old. Elder Jarvis and my lessons have gotten so much better and our teacher told us that she looks forward to our lessons. She said that we are the ones that actually apply everything that we learn in class to our lessons. I think we have both been learning a ton and especially how to apply it to teaching lessons. Learning a new language really makes you focus on the simple truths of all the aspects of the gospel, so you can then explain it super simply for others to hear. 
Tuesday night devotional was really good. We talked about the Book of Mormon. We had Elder Kevin Duncan of the seventy here, and it was such an awesome devotional. He talked about how the church has been working on Book of Mormon videos, just like the Bible videos that they have produced. He showed us a trailer for them, and lets just say they are LEGIT. I can't wait until they release some of them. Over the next 5 years, they are making 60 fifteen minute video segments. The release date for the first of them is September 21 which is gonna be so awesome. Another cool thing he talked to us about was about how they went out and had 531 people (not members) all read one page of the Book of Mormon. They had each person go through and highlight every reference to Christ and than leave what they thought about it. It was so awesome to see that so many people agree with the truths that we teach. The pure gospel is perfect. We as people make mistakes, but the gospel is perfect and that is what we need to share to everyone. 
Overall, just a really good week at the MTC. Also, just 12 more days until we ship out to the Philippines. I think we are ready to get out there and help the Filipinos. The process is real. It is tough but it is so rewarding in the end. It's gonna be a tough couple more weeks once I get out there but I am so ready. Palangga ta ka. That means I love you. You all are super awesome. Last week for any lovely packages haha You guys are the best. Love hearing from you all and I know God loves each and every one of you. I challenge each of you to really study the Book of Mormon everyday. If you need a copy of the Book of Mormon, send me an email and I will make sure you get one. It is truly a great gift to have it. One of the best promises of the Book of Mormon is that if you read it with real intent and study it out, then all matter of addictions will become null to you. As we read the Book of Mormon, we become immune/ able to overcome any and all addictions. It is one of the greatest promises out there. I implore you all to truly read the Book of Mormon every day with purpose. As you do so, the heavens will open above you and blessings will flow to you. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that we are blessed as we truly read and study it out with a purpose. Love you guys!
Elder Preston William Burton
2005 N 900 E Unit 167
Provo UT 84602


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