June 26, 2017


Carlsbad, New Mexico


Elder Evans

Just Hold On - I'm Coming Home!

Well everyone, this is my last P-day as a missionary! I just had my last full week as a full time missionary and it was pretty good! Elder Evans and I stayed very busy and we're able to teach quite a bit, so very grateful that we had a productive week! Elder Evans just became the District Leader and will be training a brand new missionary! He's not too excited to train again, but he's in a really good area, he has a car this time, so he'll be fine!

These last two years have been a great learning experience and I don't know where I would be if I hadn't decided to serve the Lord. I've learned a lot and my testimony has grown much larger than I ever would have expected. I owe it all to Him. If I was to sum up what I learned in the last two years it would be this:

1. God loves me
2. Laugh often
3. Work hard, pray hard
4. If you're not happy then you're doing something wrong
5. Act on the first impressions of the Spirit
6. By small and simple things - great things are brought to pass
7. I will never own a chihuahua
8. Testify boldly
9. I am called to serve HIM - not to a place
10. We'll all float on ok

I arrive in Phoenix on Wednesday at 12:30 in the afternoon at the Sky Harbor airport in Terminal 2 for all who want to be there! It's going to be pretty sweet! I'm stoked to see all of y'alls faces! I apologize in advance for the tears that are more than likely going to shed when I hug my mom!
The church is true! Never forget that! Stay sweet!

Elder Bollwinkel


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