June 12, 2017


Carlsbad, New Mexico


Elder Evans

2 Weeks?!

Alrighty, so I've got two full weeks left, but it doesn't even feel like it! We were pretty busy this week which was awesome! We found 4 new investigators, which hasn't happened in a while, so that was exciting! I know that isn't much for all the peeps in South America, but you'd be pretty stoked if you were in my shoes!
Sad news to report on, Kenny, one of our most progressing investigators, got put in jail last week and it sounds like he's going to be in there for a while:( But we were able to meet with his girlfriend, Jessica, and she expressed how she wants to have us over and meet with us. We explained how she can be an example for when Kenny gets out of jail as she followed the example of Jesus Christ and gets baptized and she accepted it! So she's going to be prepared to be baptized on July 29th! We're so excited! The Lord works in many ways for the salvation of His children. We're also getting a Book of Mormon together for Kenny so he can read while he waits out his time.
We were able to meet with a few other of our investigators and some less actives that we've been visiting have been coming to church so that's been awesome! The ward is noticing it too and they are starting to help out alot more, which is much appreciated!

Here's some pictures that I took this week! I can't believe that I actually remembered to take some! Hope y'all enjoy! And I hope y'all have a great week! Stay Sweet!!

Elder Bollwinkel


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