March 6, 2017




Elder Garlick

Where's the Momentum?

So this week was pretty crazy but also pretty slow. On Monday night we had a bunch of brand spankin new Elders stay the night at our place. Holy cow I remember my first day in the mission and I can't believe that I only have like 4 months left here! The time has gone by so quickly! Tuesday was transfer day so Elder Garlick and I were on exchanges with different elders for like 6 hours a piece, so that was pretty crazy! We had district meeting on Wednesday so we got to meet the new members of the district and get thing situated with all of them!

We got to talk to Aric for a little bit before his dad told us to get lost. He tried talking to his dad about letting us come over and talk about some of the concerns that he has about us, but his dad doesn't even want to talk to us. Aric still contacts us every now and again through his mom's phone, but that's it. It's pretty sad that we can't meet with him anymore but that's all we can do. We know that in a few years that Aric will be able to get baptized, he's one of the most solid kids that I've had the privilege to teach!

But nothing else crazy has happened in this last week so there isn't too much to report on! But I've been doing this cool thing where as I read from the Book of Mormon I highlight every time where it mentions Christ or Heavenly Father! Holy cow it says it a ton! But as I'm doing that I've been able to come to a realization of how important it is to do everything in His name, because everything that we do should reflect Him and His love for His children! As a full time representative of Jesus Christ, that's something that is a privilege to be a part of; to be fully engaged in spreading Christ's love to everyone. I'm grateful for this time in my life that I have to be fully engaged in His work! Love y'all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Bollwinkel

PS. I'm helping Elder Garlick with his sock collection and simplifying it haha


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