February 20, 2017




Elder Garlick

Transfers have flown by

Man this has been such a short transfer! I think it's because we've been having so much fun and we've been doing so much work! That's usually how it goes in the mission! But this week was pretty sweet! I got some sweet stuff to report on for y'all!

So I got to have my interview with President Heap for the transfer and it was awesome! I love the short amount of time that I get to sit down with him one on one and talk with him and build that friendship that we have! My interview was on Valentine's Day and as we were waiting for our interviews Sister Heap asked if we had had lunch. We didn’t' cause we went straight from District Meeting to our interviews, so she told the assistants to give us their truck so we could go grab lunch! So we took their truck and I bought Elder Garlick and I some Cane's for Valentine's Day haha! It was pretty funny!

We also got to go on exchanges with one of the assistants, Elder Cook, which doesn't happen quite often, being that we're district leaders and usually only zone leaders go on exchanges with them. But that's the perk of being really close with the assistants and they ask if you want to go on exchanges with them! So we got to spend a good chunk of the day contacting on tech campus and it was sweet! Contacting there is so much fun! I got to talk to some pretty sweet people and quite a few attractive girls (everyone needs the gospel)! But overall it was a great time; I learned a lot, got to teach some sweet people and help people know more about the gospel!

We've been trying to meet with Aric as much as possible; trying to prepare him for his baptismal interview and making sure he knows all of the material. But we realized that everything was getting kind of rushed, and when we met with him on Saturday he told us he wouldn't be able to attend church cause he was going our of town with his mom. So that kind of confirmed to us that we need to slow down with him and make sure that he retains everything that we teach him. He's been reading the Book of Mormon so we were pretty stoked about that! But we pushed his baptismal date to March 4th, which is in two weeks!

Also I got hecka sick on Thursday and I was throwing up all day and I have no clue why. We had like 4 lessons set for that day and we had to cancel all of them, which was so hard to do. I felt completely useless that whole day and I don't know why that happened. Still trying to figure out why. But I was completely fine the next day and nothing else has happened since then. It was pretty weird.

It's crazy to think that I might be leaving Lubbock this time next week! But I'll find out this Friday if I'm staying or not! Thanks y'all for all the prayers! I testify to each of you that God lives and He loves us each individually! There is never a problem to big or complicated that you can't ask Him for help with! He wants to hear you, He needs to hear you. I hope that all of y'all know that! Have a great week and I hope that you look for all of the blessings that are coming your way this week!

Elder Bollwinkel


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