January 23, 2017




Elder Garlick

It's the Birthday today!

First off, thanks all of y'all for the birthday wishes!! It means a ton! It doesn't really feel like I'm 20, but today's the day that it happened! The world didn't know what was gonna hit 'em when I entered into this life!

This week was awesome! I said goodbye to Elder Despain, which was really sad, but then I got Elder Garlick! Man I love this kid! We get along super great and we're getting a ton of work done also! We have our recent convert out with us, going knocking and teaching people and it's been awesome! We do this thing called "split-knocking" Where we stay in sight and sound, but we go and knock separate doors and teach those we see! It's a pretty effective way to get a lot of work done! It's pretty sweet!

We met this sweet guy named Lawrence the other day and he is so legit! We taught him the Restoration and he was super excited to read the Book of Mormon! We are stoked to be teaching him! Right before we started teaching him, he got a knock on the door and one of his buddies came in and looked at us and asked us if we were Mormons. We said yes and then he started going off with scriptures about how we were wrong and how we were a man made church and he was going hard and we just sat there. There were times where I wanted to open my mouth and tell him how he was wrong, but I literally felt the spirit constrain me not to do it. So I just sat there for about 10 minutes while this guy went off. When he was done and was expecting a reply, I just asked, "Are you done?" And that set him off. But then Lawrence came in clutch and told him that he invited us over and he wanted to hear us out and asked him to leave. I gained so much respect for that man.

Man so this week has helped me realize that there needs to opposition in the things that we do. We actually needed the opposition of Lawrence's friend because I don't think Lawrence would've been as open to our message if he didn't experience that. The Lord has a plan for all of us. we may think we got it under control and we can figure it out for ourselves, but that's when the Lord laughs and puts you on the path that He wants you to be on. That's all I got for y'all today! Hope you have a great week! Love y'all!

P.S. I found an Illuminati triangle on a door that I knocked on. I couldn't resist but to take a pic haha

Elder Bollwinkel


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