January 16, 2017

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So long Elder Despain :(

Hey fam so this week was pretty nuts! We were all over the place this week! We got to drive to New Mexico, it dumped rain for like two days straight, we were able to find new investigators and we got our transfer calls!!

So our zone got new mattresses and box springs and President Heap asked us to go with our zone leaders to help deliver them to all the missionaries in the zone. Well, our zone goes into New Mexico so we got to take a little road trip for a couple days and get everyone's stuff to them! It took like two days to hit all the outlying towns in our zone, like Hobbs, Lovington, Seminole, Brownfield, and Snyder and then we had some missionaries in the city that we had to get theirs too. We actually haven't even got ours yet so that's pretty funny!

We were able to visit some investigators this week so that was awesome! We met this guy named Mitch on the street and he actually called us over and wanted to know more about the church! So we talked about the book of Mormon and actually the Joseph Smith Translations of the bible cause he had heard about those (first time talkin to anyone about those haha) and he said that we could meet up this week and talk some more! #blessinsallaround!

We met up with our Church of Christ investigator and there wasn't anything too crazy to report on with him. We'll probably see him one more time before we give him the boot, I don't like wasting time with people that don't have the right intentions with meeting with us #biggestpetpeeve

So we got our transfer calls and I'm staying here in Monterey Park! I'm getting a new companion, Elder Garlick and he is awesome! We've served around each other and we are stoked to be companions! Elder Despain is heading up to Amarillo and he's white washing again - poor kid. But this week is going to be pretty crazy showing Elder Garlick around and I'm still on foot! We're still the only bike area in Lubbock lol

I want to let you all know that God is a God of miracle! It just takes an act of faith to get those miracles rolling! Keep pushing forward in everything you do and the Lord will bless you! Keep on keeping on y'all! Love ya!

Elder Bollwinkel


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