January 9, 2017




Elder Despain


Hey fam! This week was pretty sweet! The work is starting to pick up so that is always a blessing! We were able to pick up a few new investigators and they are some pretty legit people! We met this guy named Erik and he is super knowledgeable in the bible and he was spittin out verses and referencing them like no one's business! He was talking about the 7 seals of heaven and how there is a trumpet that sounds after each seal is broken, and he said that the 7th seal was broken when Trump got into office! He said, "Trump is the president, and Pence is his VP. "TRUMP-PENCE". "TRUMPETS". Get it??" We just chuckled and went along with it. A lot of his beliefs are in line with ours so we're excited to get to meet with him again and share the Book of Mormon with him!

Ya, so bummer story of the week, we had about 12 scheduled appointments with investigators, less actives, and potentials and only like 2 (maybe, cutting it close) of them happened and the rest of them punched... so that was a bummer, but we still went out contacting and talked to a lot of people!

IT SNOWED IN TEXAS!! It was only like a 1/4 inch, but it still happened! And it's all gone; it only lasted like two days. But Texas hit the record of the most accidents in one day for the state! Something like 138 accidents in a day! And I thought California drivers were bad!

We played pick up basketball with some kids on the street in our church clothes and they trashed us in ball haha. They beat us the first two game but we won the third one. They are super cool though. We got their numbers and we're going to call them up soon and play with them again!

So we found an orange road cone on the road that didn't have a friend so we took it and now it's in our apartment. Elder Despain knows how to juggle, so he told me to get a picture of him doing something funny with it, so I did!
Love y'all! Have a great week!

Elder B


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