January 2, 2017




Elder Despain

Happy New Year

Happy New Years y'all!!! Hope all y'all had great new years and that you were able to enjoy everything that 2016 gave ya! And now we got 2017, a blank sheet of paper that we get to write on and make history with! So I hope you all were able to make some goals of things that you want to work on to become better! Hopefully they are realistic goals as well so they don't only last for a week haha!

So this week we got a few new investigators, which is awesome! We've gone a long time with not teaching a solid person, just like doorstep lessons and whatnot, so it was a huge relief to be able to sit down with some people and teach them about the blessings of the gospel!

One of the guys is Edward. He's from some crazy country in Africa that I can't spell, it starts with an "M", and he talked with a couple of missionaries that were cleaning the temple! He had a few questions about the church, so they taught him the Restoration there and then referred him to us! We were able to review the Restoration with him again, give him a copy of the Book of Mormon in Swahili and he came to church! He was wearing the sweetest tie I've ever seen with some pretty sweet African patterns and he said that he would give us a couple! We're meeting with him again this week so we plan on setting a baptismal date with him! It's almost a little too good to be true that this is happening, but it is and I'm super grateful for it!

Our New years was pretty fun, our zone didn't get together to do anything so Elder Despain and I walked over to Texas Roadhouse and we had a pretty good dinner there! Church went well, there were a ton of people there now that the holidays are winding down, so we actually got to meet some members of the ward.

With this New Year we have the opportunity to look back and see what we've done well in and also what we can improve on! It's a pretty good excuse in my book to make goals and become a better disciple of Jesus Christ! I hope y'all were able to as well! Love you and hope you have a great week! Be safe and be smart!

Elder Bollwinkel


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