December 20, 2016




Elder Despain

Jingle Jam 2016

So this week was crazy! We had the jingle jam this week, which is a huge missionary party, and it was awesome! Our zone was in a couple of skits and it was super fun to participate and get to see everyone! Elder Despain dressed up like a girl for one of the skits so that was a riot! I got to see a couple of old missionary friends there so I was super grateful for that!

So we were at the food bank helping hand out free Christmas dinners and a couple of the sisters in my district came up to me and said, "HEY! There is a reporter that wants to interview us and we don't want to be on TV so we said that we would get someone else to do it! Go over there and be on TV!" So I got to interview and represent the church on the Lubbock news haha! Basically famous now, nbd.

We were walking down the street and this guy pulled over and asked if we were Mormons. We said ya and then he said that he wants to study with us. So we went over to the nearest Wendy's (I didn't make that choice btw) and we started talking about the nature of God and whatnot. Found out he is from the Church of Christ and he was pretty well versed with the Bible. He would ask dumb questions (yes, there's actually such things as those) about random stuff that didn't matter. It was a decent visit but no progress was made.

Man on Saturday we got hit with the largest cold front ever! I was grateful that my winter clothes got here right in time for that! But as we were walking I couldn't feel my mouth or anything and I had to lean my head forward so that the wind would carry my snot was a rough day. But it's like super bright and sunny outside now! Just sweater weather right now!

So we got to go to MLC (missionary leadership council) where usually just the zone leaders and sister training leaders go and talk about the needs of the mission and the various struggles. Well, every 6 months the District Leaders get to go and we were able to go and participate in it! It was super fun to be able to be a part of it and there were a lot of things that I learned while I was there!

During the jingle jam we got to watch a movie and it was The Saratov Approach! It was a pretty sweet movie and it was cool to watch it through a missionary's perspective. I'll admit there were a couple of parts where I cried but it was because I felt the spirit! But there were a lot of different lessons that I learned while watching it and if y'all ever get the time to watch it, it is a great film to reflect on and think about what sacrifices are you willing to make? Are you willing to put your faith in God? That's my invitation to all y'all today! Hope you have a blessed and merry Christmas! Love ya!

Elder Bollwinkel


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