November 7, 2016




Elder Despain

Trashed My Ankle

Man so this week I just trashed my ankle playing sports so everything slowed down more than it already was cause I have to go in and ice my ankle every few hours. It's really frustrating cause I hate sitting inside but I need to so that it can rest. But it's swollen up to the size of a grapefruit and it's kind of fun to poke haha.

But on the bright side we were able to meet a lot of ward members this week and visit with them and develop some pretty sweet relationships right off the bat in this new area, so that was a true blessing! The ward is awesome in making sure that Elder Despain and I have rides places, especially with my bum ankle. But our Bishop is awesome. We were able to sit down with him and talk with him about what and who he wants us to work with and he was super kind in giving us info on the ward and area.

We were able to meet with a less-active named Tim Haines and he was pretty stellar! He let us right in and he talked about how he loves having the missionaries over but they haven't been over in months so he was stoked to see us! We had a sweet lesson with him and we got to know him pretty well.

Nothing else too crazy is happening though; we're just working on finding people to teach and trying to help everyone that we can! Please keep praying for us! We need all the prayers that we can get!

I really like the scripture In Romans 12:12
Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;
Even though we're all going to experience hardships and trials, we always need to rejoice with hope for a brighter future. My mission president told me in an interview that in order for you to experience hope, you first have to feel hopeless. That is something that has really stuck with me, even though it sounds harsh. We have to feel hopeless in something before we can find the hope in it. Think about it how you may, that's how I feel like it works. We need to experience the negative so that we can appreciate the positive more fully. Love you all and hope ya'll have a great week! Enjoy these pictures of my ankle lol

Elder Bollwinkel


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