October 31, 2016




Elder Despain

Week one (Elder Despain)

Man this week was nuts! I got to Lubbock on Tuesday and was able to meet my new comp Elder Despain! He's from Wyoming in a really tiny town that I don't remember haha, but we have a lot of the same interests like sports and whatnot and we both want to get a ton of work done here in the Canyon West South area. We've been walking everywhere, but it's not that bad since our area is only 2 square miles haha. My new address is 6402 Albany Ave. #1416 Lubbock, TX. 79424!

So in agricultural terms, which the Lord likes to use a lot, the "field" that we have been assigned to work on wasn't plowed right. So Elder Despain and I have to re-plow this field so it can be planted and harvested correctly. I've spent most of my mission plating and cultivating the crops, and very little time plowing and harvesting, so it's going to be fun starting at square 1! We've been knocking a ton and talking to as many people as possible so it's been a fun time!

We got a new senior couple, the Cayton's, as our vehicle coordinator and referral manager and they live in our area and it has been great getting to know them! They had us over for ice cream and we had a great spiritual thought with them! We're trying to schmooze up to Elder Cayton as much as possible in the hopes of getting us a car haha. It probs won't happen though.

So sweet news! The Lubbock Temple is in our area and it is so weird seeing it all the time while we're out proselyting! We could go whenever we want, but the rule is we can only go once a transfer unless it's with a recent convert! So we got to work on that if we want to go multiple times haha

So we had Stake Conference this weekend and it was pretty goo! Elder Dube from the Seventy came down and addressed us! He is from Zimbabwe and he is hilarious! He left us with a challenge that I thought was really cool: When (not if) you give a Book of Mormon to someone, don't give it to them closed. Give it to them opened up to a page that is personal to you, for them to read so that they can instantly start somewhere. I thought that was interesting because that is a super effective way to share with people what you believe, even if it's just a few verses. So I'm taking up Elder Dube's challenge and I want to extend it to ya'll and see what happens! Next week I'll let you know how it went for me and I trust that ya'll will account to the lord!

Love you all and hope ya'll have a happy Halloween!

Elder Bollwinkel


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