October 3, 2016


Abilene, Texas


Elder Duvall

Conference on Conference

Oh man this week was pretty crazy! We got to drive to San Angelo for Zone conference and it was awesome! I went in with the question, "What lack I yet?" and boy did I find out! I know I have charity towards everyone I interact with, but after that Zone Conference I realized that I need a lot more if I'm going to become what my Heavenly Father wants me to become! It was great to be around all of the other missionaries, seeing old buddies that I've served around and what not. And then we had General Conference! Holy cow there was a lot of sitting involved this week! But despite all the meetings, we were able to have a recent convert lesson with Hallie! She's doing great! She has a calling, has been to the temple and is still progressing in the gospel! The Stickney family has been awesome in opening up their home and letting us do the lessons there!

We had a zone picnic at a park and it was so much fun! We played soccer and football and this fun game called Kuub. Idk how it's played exactly, but I did my best lol!

Sad thing: Elder Duvall ran out of meds this week and it was hard for him to get out and do anything, or even function. It's hard for him to focus and I feel bad because there was nothing I could do to help him. We're still currently waiting for the prescription to come in, so please pray for us that we can get that, so we can keep working!

Nothing too crazy happened this week! I got to go on exchanges with Elder Cook, one of my zone leaders, and man that kid is awesome! We had a blast together and we were able to teach a little bit on the streets!

One thing that I like from conference is the talk from President Nelson about joy. One thing that he said that I'm going to paraphrase is, "NO matter what trial or tribulation we are going through, we can still find joy." I'm horrible at citing and quoting accurately, but there was also a quote from Marion G. Romney, " No matter how far you think you've fallen, you cannot sink lower than the infinite power of the atonement shines." Something to that extent. But I want to reiterate by saying that NO matter how horrible you think it is, or how it can't get any worse, just remember that it can always get better. Don't abandon ship, because the Lord is on board with you. Don't leave Him by himself, because he will never leave you on your own. Love you all and hope ya'll felt the spirit like I did!

p.s. this is what happens when your comp doesn't have his meds...poor guy.

Elder Bollwinkel


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