September 26, 2016


Abilene, Texas


Elder Duvall

Picking things up!

So week was pretty good! Elder Duvall and I are talking to as many people as we can right now and we've been able to get a few return appointments! So the Lord is definitely helping us in our efforts to get the area rolling again!

We met this really cool guy on the street named Wesley, and he was so astounded when we talked to him about the Book of Mormon! He wants us to come back on Saturday when he's off work so we can talk to him more about it! We also talked to this guy named Nick in our apartment complex and we talked to him about the Word of Wisdom, because he had some questions about the church and their stance on different things. He really likes us and the things that we do so he said the he'll call us and have us over to talk a little bit more when he has time! Both are super cool people!

The young women did a service project and fed all of the missionaries and we had Hawaiian hay stacks! It was pretty good stuff!

Elder Duvall and I are working together a lot better. We're starting to get a comp unity going so that's exciting. My heart hurts for him in his struggles. He has a form of autism that make everyday things a huge struggle for him. He tends to worry and over complicate things so I'm working with him to try and simplify everything that he worries about. It's a lot harder than it sounds haha! I love the guy.

We are in the process of helping a member build a 12 by 24 foot storage shed and the city came in and said that it's too close to his house and that we have to move it. We got the walls and roof already on this deal so what we did is we jacked it up and placed some metal beams underneath it and then metal pipes facing the opposite direction. So then we push it and we were able to move it accordingly. I got to slide underneath the house to place the cinder blocks and the pipes and it was super fun! In the process, my name tag fell off and I felt like sponge bob when he lost his identity. In the past I was pretty proud that I haven't lost a name tag and there are a lot of elders that have so when I lost it I told one of the other elders that was there that I went almost 15 months without losing a name tag. Right then, I looked down and found the magnet part. I picked it up and he said, Elder you just got pride cycled in 5 minutes. That really stuck out to me. Sometimes we are so proud of the little accomplishments that we are a part of that we don't recognize the little blessings that the Lord puts in out life. Sometimes it takes a little humility and some trials to realize that the Lord's hand is in everything. I would like to invite ya'll to take a step back and think about all the good that the Lord has done for you. Bet you can't count all of your blessings.

Love you all and hope that you have a wonderful conference weekend!

Elder Bollwinkel


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