September 12, 2016


Abilene, Texas


Elder Hiner

It's a BOY!

That's right everyone! It's a boy! I got the assignment from President Heap to train another missionary! It's going to be sweet! His name is Elder Adams! I'm picking him up Tuesday and we're going to get work done! They're splitting the ward areas and I'm going to be on the East side with Elder Adams and Elder Hiner is going to the West side and he's training an Elder Thatcher! It's going to be great! I'm still the District Leader so this going to be a fun transfer. I'm just blessed to be the one that ended up with the car haha. The east side is a lot bigger so I get to have the car in my area!
We helped Ken again with his property and it was great this time! He took us out to eat and started talking about agency and the different choices that people make. We were able to lead into the Restoration and we got about half way through it before he had to get going. But he's never heard of the term priesthood before and it really interested him! We got into when Christ came to the Earth and performed the Atonement, but we wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon with him when we actually have one present. So we told him we'll talk to him about it some more when we get more time to explain things. He said that he would love that and he can't wait to talk about it more! We're so grateful that the Lord has been preparing him for this time with us and I'm excited to see how Ken progresses with the Gospel!
So we helped some members move and it wasn't the most enjoyable experience ever haha. It was a pretty dirty gross apartment. Like when I went to pick up couches and what not cockroaches crawled over my hands... I hope that puts it into perspective haha. But they are good members, less active but they are working on it.
One of our Zone Leaders got assigned to be an Assistant and he got moved to Lubbock on Wednesday. So that left one Zone Leader in Abilene for 4 days. Since he couldn't be by himself, we got to babysit him for a couple days. We were working in two areas and it was insane! We got a few lessons in, but a lot of them weren't in our area, which was a bummer. But it is always good to spend time with Elder padelsky (ZL)
I'm so stoked for the opportunity that the Lord has given me to train another one of His soldiers in His army! I’ll work hard and hopefully give him a good start to his mission. I'll be sure to send ya'll pics of him and keep ya up to date on what's going on! Love you all and keep on keeping on!

Elder B


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