August 29, 2016


Abilene, Texas


Elder Hiner

What's in your Pack?

Man so this week was pretty busy, just not how I expected it to be!
We got a call from a lady that needed help at her dad's house and so us and the Zone leaders went over there and this was a crazy disgusting house! There was cat waste everywhere and the carpets were molding and there was trash everywhere. And the worst part was that there was someone LIVING there!!! I don't know how someone was living there! So we spent a couple hours almost everyday this week helping her clean out crap (literal crap) and we cut the carpets out and there was a member that is a carpenter that helped us put in new flooring. The daughter is from Utah and was only here for a week so she was grateful for our help! She hooked us up with sonic gift cards too so I know where I'm going soon.

We had interviews with our mission president this week and that was awesome! We were able to talk one on one with each other and it was great to discuss the different things that are going on. I can feel his love every time I'm near him. It's great!
This weekend we had stake conference were Elder Haymond of the Seventy addressed us and it was remarkable! We got invited to the priesthood leadership meeting and the adult evening session! It's probably been the most spiritual building meeting that I've been too! They did a Q and A session where the members got to ask questions and then Elder Haymond, President Heap and President Voor (temple president) addressed those questions and talked about it. It was really interesting because it was a pretty informal meeting but I learned a lot! I didn't ask any questions, but I took notes on all of the questions that were asked and it was really cool!
We sang in the choir and my singing voice is definitely getting better haha. But we sang "Be Sill My Soul", which is one of my favorite hymns! Our ward mission leader was in the choir with us and I love listening to him sing cause he sounds like he is in a barbershop quartet? haha
During stake conference there was a teacher that gave a talk and it was one that really stuck out to me. He gave the analogy of backpacking through the mountains, which is something that he likes to do. He talked about the essential things you need to have in order to survive in the wilderness. He talked about the effective planning you need to have so you don't get lost and so you can withstand the elements of the earth. He then related it to the gospel. How effectively have we planned to withstand the elements of Satan? What essential things do we need to put in our "packs" while we try and survive this journey through our mortal life? It really got me thinking about the different things that I need to put in pack to survive and the nonsense items that I need to take out that are weighing me down. I've definitely been able to take out a bunch of unnecessary weight out of my "pack". It's been really rewarding and great to see what more necessary items the Lord wants to put in my pack and the benefits that it has for me!
I would love to advise you all to see what is in your pack and see what changes need to be made in your journey back to your Heavenly Father! I love you all! Hope you have a great week!
Elder Bollwinkel


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