August 15, 2016


Abilene, Texas


Elder Hiner

Cool Weather

Hola everyone! We were blessed this week with some rain and it made it like 15 degrees cooler than normal! The Lord was blessing us so much with that!
So this week was nice. We were able to teach Samaza and her family! Afterwards they wanted us to play soccer with them (I'm horrible at that sport haha) so we decided to play with them for a little bit! it was fun! They are progressing towards baptism, one bit at a time. It's a little difficult with the language barrier, but that's why we have the Spirit!
I was crazy sick Monday night and was throwing up till about 2. Don't know why, but it hurt haha. Elder Hiner gave me a blessing and after a couple of hours it went away! I wasn't feeling good the next day and I gave an instruction in Zone Training. I don't remember too much of it, but I hope it went well haha.
We got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and it was super fun! I went with Elder Padelsky, a brand new Zone Leader, and we had a blast together. We knocked doors for like 3 hours with very minimal results. I'm not the biggest fan of door knocking because there's more effective ways to find people, but the Zone Leaders don't have a large teaching pool, so they are just going back to the basics. They are doing well though!
So sad story, two of our investigators just moved to the Zone Leader's area, so that helps them quite a bit with their teaching situation, but they were our two most progressing investigators!:( And then our third most progressing investigators, Philip, just moved to Odessa:( So our teaching pool is getting a little smaller, but we're slowly increasing it at the same time! We have a lot of potentials that we're going to be meeting with this week so please pray that things will turn out well!
We were able to see Nathan! It's been like 3 week since we've seen him and I was so happy to see him! We were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation and resolve a couple of concerns that he had! We committed him to church, but he didn't come:( We're going to see him this week and hopefully we'll be able to get him to continue to progress!
Here are a couple of pics from this week! I love you all and hope that you have a great week! Keep praying for me! I need all of the prayers that I can get!

Elder Bollwinkel


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