August 1, 2016


Abilene, Texas


Elder Hatch

"Stay busier than a rattlesnake in a room full of rocking chairs"

So we were in a correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and we gave him our progress record of all the people that we saw. When I looked at it he said, "Wow! you guys have been busier than a rattlesnake in a room full of rocking chairs!" I still have yet to figure out what that means, but yes, we have been busy and it's been awesome!

So first of, sad note. We were driving back home at night after a lesson and while I was driving down the road, at the last second a little black dog ran out in front of the car and I couldn't react in time to slow down. So I felt a little bump bump of the tires as I went over this little dog. All dogs go to heaven, right?

So Elder Hatch is getting transferred up to Dumas and I'm getting Elder Hiner! I'm also going to be the District Leader here as well! So that's exciting! Elder Hiner came out with me and we served around each other in Amarillo so I know him pretty well! It's going to be sweet! Leading out a new area together ! I'm stoked! There's great work going on here and it's going to continue to be great!

We had a fantastic lesson with Tim and Meghan at Ronnie Bryan's house. Tim hasn't been keeping commitments, and Ronnie took care of that. He threw down about how he isn't going to get anything out of this if he wasn't willing to put anything in. Meghan is SO ready to be baptized, but she wants to wait for Tim. I hope that doesn't conflict in any way, I really want her to have this in her life. She can feel it and she knows its true. She gave the closing prayer and was sobbing at the end of it. I can't wait to continue to keep working with them.

We got a new investigator! His name is Ronald and the sisters gave him to us. He is very humble and was living a dark past and wants to come closer to God. We taught him the Restoration and he absorbed every bit of it! He loves to talk, but by the end of the lesson, he accepted the invitation of baptism! So he will be baptized on September 10th! We're excited to meet with him!

We met with our Spanish investigator, Enrique, on Saturday and the lesson went terrific! He also loved the Restoration and wanted a Book of Mormon to read after we were done talking about it. He also accepted the invitation of baptism and will be baptized on September 3rd!

The Lord is blessing us a ton in this area and its really sad to have Elder Hatch go. But he will do great things while in Dumas! I'm excited to have this opportunity to work here for the Lord. Love you all and hope that for whoever is starting school has a fun time! keep living the Gospel!

Elder Bollwinkel


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