July 25, 2016


Abilene, Texas


Elder Hatch

Bunch 0 Service

We had a lot of opportunities to do service this week, which was awesome!

We went and helped at Gabriel's house again and elder vanweerd and I got the project of building a wall in his house! We built the wall frames as well as the doorframe and we put particleboard up to cover it! this week we'll put up dry wall and finish 'er up!

We went to the Disability Resource center and helped volunteer over there for a little bit and that was fun! We helped an investigator move to his new house and when I was picking up the washer, I cut three of my fingers open on a piece of metal haha. Silly me... nothing that super glue couldn't fix.

We also went with the 2nd ward elders and made bracelets and blankets for refugees! pretty fun stuff! I sewed my own blanket for a refugee so you might say that I am a pro now.

We ran into a former investigator, Phil, the other day and asked us to come over and visit him again. I didn't know that he was a Baptist and when we came over he said that he wanted to read from the Book of Mormon. Then he pulled out the Book of Mormon that dated back to the 1960's. uh-oh, he's obviously read this before. But that means he obviously hasn't read it with real intent. But it didn't go as bad as I thought it would. We read, he tried to confound our words against us, but it didn't work. He fed us cake and we're going to help him mow his lawn sometime this week. All Good! He also gave us a referral of a friend that he wanted us to go visit. When we knocked on the door, there was this 83-year-old Baptist that was standing there. He saw us and started shutting the door without saying a word. We then said his name and he stopped and turned around and we explained that his friend sent us over here to talk to him. He apologized for being rude and we had a great talk with him! We're going to go and do some yard work for him this week so it should be fun!

There is a senior missionary couple in Abilene, the Despains, and they are awesome! They have a bunch of friends that they play pickle ball with and they invite us over to fellowship them and play with them! It's so much fun! Their friends are actually talking about the church with us and them and it's great to see them opening up to us!

This is the last week of the transfer and I can't believe how fast this month went! It's crazy! But I'm grateful for all the opportunities that the Lord has given me to learn! It continues to remind me that the time that is given to us to serve the Lord full time is EXTREMELY short and we need to utilize it as much as possible. I've probably talked about it before but I can't stress it enough! There is so much to learn in a short amount of time. Be wise. Be happy. Be smart. Try the gospel, it works. I can testify to that with all of the surety of my heart. Love you all and keep on keeping on.

Elder B


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