June 27, 2016


Abilene, Texas


Elder Hatch

First week in Abilene

Alrighty everyone! So my first week in Abilene was awesome! I met up with Elder Hatch on Tuesday and we got right to work! We've been nonstop busy everyday and it is awesome!

Elder Hatch is so awesome! I've been out a little longer than he has but he knows how to work! He's from Globe, Arizona which is sweet! We have a ton of investigators because they merged our area and the Spanish area together! Elder Hatch is the only Spanish speaker in the Zone so I get to tag along and teach Spanish with him haha. We already have two investigators with baptisms coming up, which is super weird because I'm not used to getting people actually that close to joining the church haha! Abilene is so stinkin humid. I've been sweating nonstop whenever we're outside! We have a car though which is sweet! We take turns driving, which is super weird because I haven't driven in like 6 months, but it's great!
We were able to do service for this guy named Gabriel. The missionaries have been helping him for a while. He is building a house out of materials that have been given to him for free or that have been recycled. He's only spent like $1500 dollars on the house and we're helping him build the third story right now!
We've been teaching a ton, which I absolutely love! We got a new investigator, Arnold, and he is pretty solid! We taught him the Restoration and he loved it! The next time we went over his little brother was there and he said, "Hey, I'm going to ya'll's school in the fall." The little brother's name is Jesus, and he is running track for BYU this fall! So he sat down at the lesson and naturally he became an investigator! Crazy stuff! We extended a baptism invitation to them, but they said that they have already been baptized. We assessed the situation and explained the importance of the Priesthood and taught why the correct Priesthood is necessary. They said that when they find out it is true, they would get baptized! It was great! I can see a lot of potential with them!
Since Elder Hatch is the only Spanish speaker in the Zone so we get to do a lot of Spanish! So on Sundays, we get to go to the Spanish Branch and then to our regular ward! Lots of running around and seeing a ton of people! I love it! We had a picnic with the Spanish branch and it was super fun! We ate food, played soccer and had a good time! They are a really small branch so everyone is like family to each other!
So this Friday I hit my year mark! It's crazy to think that I have been serving the Lord for a year! It's gone by so fast! I can't even count the blessings that the Lord has given to me and my family in the last year! I've been able to grow and learn so much in the last year. Obviously there is still countless things to learn in life and especially in the next year!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! I forgot my camera so I'll send pics next week! have a great 4th of July! Go 'murica!!!
Love Elder Bollwinkel


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