May 15, 2016


Amarillo Texas


Elder Parkin

Elder Parkin my new Comp

So this was my first week with Elder Parkin, my new companion. He's from Ogden and he's a pretty chill guy. A little slower pace, but nothing too bad. I have learned in the mission that I can adapt to change, but I think the Lord has much to teach me this transfer;) He's a great guy and all, but my last companion and I clicked so well together, so I'll need to find what new things I can learn from my new comp. Changes throw off my game and tempo a bit – but I'm sure that is to keep us sharp so I'll revamp, we’ll get a jive and be good.

Holy cow so we've been working a bunch this last week! We've been seeing a ton of people and hitting the streets and talking to everyone that we possibly can! We went and taught Michael and Tara again. It was basically us answering all of the standard stereotypical questions that people have about the church, hopefully we can take it to another level and follow all promptings that come in order to help them progress.

We met this super cool guy named William on the street. We were talking about the church and then he just gave me a bracelet that had a scripture on it. The reference was Matthew 5:9 and it says, "Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall inherit the kingdom of God." I didn't know what that meant and how it applied to me but I was grateful for that man and how he was able to recognize the Spirit and whatnot. Now I get to study that scripture more for myself.
Nothing too much has happened this week, well at least not a great deal to report. Hopefully our work will turn into people to teach soon. I'll be sure to send more pictures! Love you all!

Elder Bollwinkel


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