March 14, 2016


Canyon Texas


Elder Elies


Thanks mom for the postcard! That was needed! I miss seeing mountains haha it's so flat here!

Alright so this week was sweet! I got to go on exchanges with our district leader and I spent a day in Hereford, which is like 30 miles away from Canyon! We got to do some good work while we were there. My DL is super old in the mission. He only has about one and half months left in the field! He's a pretty consecrated missionary and it was cool to see how he works and how he does missionary work. We had a sweet time doing missionary work over there!

We've been helping a member with his backyard and we are cleaning that place UP! We’ve dug out three giant elm trees, cleared out a bunch of weed, tilled the ground up and we've made about 20 3x4 foot planter boxes for him. We're turning most of his backyard into a garden and tomorrow; we're going to have a sweet bbq with him and his family! At first it didn't look like we were doing anything but it slowly started coming together! I like to relate it to a mission: We start off working ridiculously hard, and it hardly looks like we've done anything, whether it be with ourselves or in the area. But if you keep working, if you keep knocking doors, talking to everyone that you see, a change will slowly start to happen. You can see the progress that you have been able to make in the area where you were working. And at the end, you might get a BBQ, who knows?:)

So we knocked into this sweet Mexican family and they let us in and we got to share the Restoration with them and committed them to baptism! It was awesome! They said they would come to church, but they didn't. And they punched our follow up appointment, which was sad. But we're not giving up on them! We're going to bring a Spanish speaker from the ward with us so that we can communicate with them!

We were able to teach Amber and her family about the Plan of Salvation and it went really well! They said that they were already baptized when we extended a baptismal invitation, but we'll talk to them about that next lesson! Their son is starting guitar lessons and I offered to sit down with him and help him out and they said that they would love it! So that's going to be sweet! They are also starting a garden in their backyard so we'll be able to help them out with some service. I have been able to see that doing about doing good for people is an incredible teaching opportunity! Especially out here in Texas. I have been able to find a bunch of people to share the gospel with simply by asking them if I could help them with anything!

I'm grateful for the time that the Lord has blessed me with to serve him with all of my heart, might, mind and strength. I know that as we strive to be as obedient as possible, the Lord will bless us in our efforts. There will be opposition, there must needs be opposition in all things, but we need to do everything that we can to stay true to the faith! I love you all and I'm grateful for the gospel in my life!

Elder Bollwinkel


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