March 7, 2016


Canyon Texas


Elder Elies

Cut it with a butta knife

Ok so this week was pretty good! Our investigator Aime, invited us to her Bible Study class and we went with her. Nothing too exciting, I thought people were going to start bible bashing with us but it was pretty normal! We're trying to get her to develop a true desire to read the Book of Mormon, rather than trying to find the faults in it, it's really frustrating when people try to prove it wrong.

We had a sweet lesson with Fredrich this week! We talked a lot about Repentance and Baptism and the Spirit was so strong! I extended a baptismal date to him but he declined:( He told us that he wants to receive his own spiritual witness before he commits to anything, so we're going to focus on helping him receive that!

Elder Elies and I got to go to the temple this weekend with our youth group and it was awesome! Prior to it, we went to the computers to do some family history work for him and we found out that his dad and his grandpa weren't members! So we printed off the names and we took them there and I had the sacred privilege to baptize him for both of those people. They had us start first so that we could go do initiatories for them and it really set the tone for the session. I had to fight back A LOT of tears so that I could perform that sacred ordinance. I probably won't have another experience like that again. The Spirit there was so thick I could have cut it with a butter knife. After that day I know that the ordinances for the dead are essential. We know through the feeling of the spirit that those on the other side have accepted those ordinances and are now doing their work on the other side. I love this gospel in my life and I love that it is able to bless others as well.

I also love you all and thank you for everything!

Elder Bollwinkel


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