February 22, 2016


Canyon Texas


Elder Elies

No Regrets

Alight so this week was awesome! So I was shopping and saw a half gallon container of ice cream...soooooo ya hence the title of the letter. It's full in the picture but I've already eaten half of it lol

So we didn't get to see Joe this week:( he punched 'missed' our appointment, so I'm probably going to have to lightly punch him (kidding, it's a joke) And because we didn't get to see him, I didn't get a pic so I'll be sure to get one this week!

So our Stake here came out with an initiative where they want the missionaries to go and visit every family in the Ward and talk to them about part of the Stake Vision, which is 'loving others as Christ loved'. So we've been visiting like hard core with our ward mission leader. Over the past two weeks we've seen over half of our ward! I've never been so tired on my mission. Which is a good thing. Usually it takes me a while to fall asleep, but every night this week when my head hits the pillow I'm out until 6:30 the next morning haha. But I know that what we're doing is good and that it's going to bless the lives of all of the members and help them get amped for missionary work! We watch this sweet video with the members as we visit them to help them recognize the opportunities that they have to love others like Christ did! I'll attach the link if you want to watch it!

But other than that, not a lot has happened! We were able to teach a few people which was good! But we're going to buckle down even harder this week and get work done! I love the scripture in Isaiah 60:22 "A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in my time" The Lord is going to hasten His work no matter what. The decision that we need to make is whether or not we want to be apart of that joyous work! I know from personal experience that I love being a part of this work and seeing the blessing of it has truly blessed my life! I love you all and please be diligent in helping the Lord gather His sheep. They are all around you and they need the Gospel more than ever right now! Love you all and keep pressing forward!

Love you,
Elder Bollwinkel


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