February 8, 2016


Canyon Texas


Elder Elies

A little Slow for my Liking

Well, this was the last week of the transfer and not a lot happened sadly. We only taught like 2 lessons this week and everyone else flaked out on us. But we were able to visit with some recent converts and less actives, so that was good. We got to do a bunch of service this week and we helped Brother Beridon (RC) dig a huge trench on part of his property.

We met a super cool old guy named Fredrick Church and he isn't a member, but he came to church by himself! Turns out, he's part of the RLDS church group that broke away from the church when Brigham Young took the saints West. He is an incredibly sincere man and he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he also believes in the restoration so that's great! He told us if we ever need anything just to swing by and he would love to visit with us! So expect to hear more about him!

We got to meet with Joe as well. He's your average country guy with the thickest Tennessean accent you could give someone. We only got about half way through the Restoration because he likes to talk...A LOT. Haha, but he's going to be a fun one to try and teach all of the lessons to!

We got our transfer calls and I get to stay with Elder Elies for another transfer! So stoked for that because I didn't want to get moved once we started to get to love one another.

I've been reading in 2 Nephi and I'm in the Isaiah chapters right now. There is this cool scripture that says, "Here am I; send me." Isaiah said this in chapter 6 vs. 8 after he saw Heavenly Father and he asked "Whom shall I send?" and that's when Isaiah spoke up. We, as missionaries, said, "Here am I; send me" when we accepted the call to serve a mission. Remember that WE chose to come out here and dedicate everything to Him. I love you all and please continue to pray for my area and me! Love you!

Elder Bollwinkel


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