February 1, 2016


Canyon Texas


Elder Elies

Use your abilities to stay focused on goals

Alright so this was a pretty sweet week! I got to go on exchanges with our District Leader and spend a day in Amarillo! When we were street contacting, we started talking to this guy that was about to drive away. We started talking to him and he said that he was looking for a church! He tried a couple of churches and he didn't like the way they did things. We got his address and found out that he lives in the Zl's area. He told us that he always follows the promptings of the spirit and he felt impressed to hose off his car for some reason. That gave us enough time to walk down the street and meet him! There were tears in his eyes as he talked to us and we prayed for him before we left! It was incredible!
We have been interacting with a family that just moved into the ward. They are awesome! They are the Beridons and they are so loving and kind towards us. The father, Trevor, is a recent convert and he is hilarious! He loves hunting, off roading, shooting, snowboarding, etc. and we get along really well haha! We've been helping them move a bunch of stuff and putting down flooring in their new home so we've been able to get to know them really well! We also had the privilege to bless their home as well! Which I've never done before so that was a neat experience!
We got a couple new investigators this week! So blessed! One of our investigators is Amber. She's a referral from the sister missionaries and she is great! Her and her family go to a non-denominational church but they are super open to learning more! She knew a little about the church so she was able to explain to us what she knew. We put to rest the typical Mormon stereotypes and she was glad that we didn't participate in polygamy lol. She is super spunky and hilarious and she accepted a Book of Mormon from us and said that she would read! Too stoked!
We also met a guy named Joe. He is from Tennessee and has the accent to go with it! We helped him cut down a tree and he agreed to let us share a lesson with him! He didn't come to church, which was sad, but we saw him yesterday and he invited us back for another lesson! Elder Elies has a hard time understanding him and his accent, so I have to translate sometimes haha it's pretty funny!
IDK why but my spiritual thoughts are starting to come from pieces of paper from restaurants, but it works so I’m sure the Lord has a part in it haha. Some members took us to a Thai place and I got the infamous fortune cookie at the end! What it said really took an impact on me and it really applies to missionary work! It says, "Use your abilities at this time to stay focused on your goal. You will succeed." That is so true as a missionary and I hope that everyone that is serving and everyone that is preparing to serve will realize that we always need to stay focused on the work! We need to use all of our time and talents to stay focused and help hasten the work! I love you all and continue to do everything with an eye single to the glory of God!
Elder Bollwinkel


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