January 18, 2016


Canyon Texas


Elder Elies

Hace Frio

I think that's Spanish lol, This week was amazing! It was full of service and teaching and the Spirit, such a great combination! So we started off this week by helping a member with some service. His name is brother Taylor and he is awesome! He called us up and asked him to help him out with a tree that had fallen over. So we went over and there was this giant Russian elm tree that had been cut down and had a huge stump sticking out of the ground. He handed us each a shove and said start digging. So we got to it. And 4 hours later we got this giant tree stump out of the ground. It was great because he gave us a chainsaw and an ax and I got to get in touch with my inner lumberjack. My Lumberjack Club members would be proud of me:) Then he took us to the other side of the yard and there were two more tree stumps that were the same size or bigger... So we got our service planned out for the week!

We have been meeting with an investigator that the sisters were teaching and she is a pretty solid investigator! Her name is Aime, which is a French name I guess. They have the Church of Christ, which is right down their street! Her biggest holdup is that she thinks that the bible is the only thing that she needs and no other scripture. Her husband, Tim, is super cool and he is actually a youth minister at the Church of Christ... so they have quite a few things that they disagree on but they are open to learn more! They ask ridiculous questions that I had never even thought of before and it really tests your knowledge of the Bible and Book of Mormon. It’s been a great learning experience for me! I'm grateful for all of the learning opportunities that I've been blessed with!

I had this sweet experience where we were visiting a less active who's been a member for a year and a half and we were talking to him, getting to know him and out of the blue he asked if he could share his testimony with us! I was shocked but we said of course! He bore one of the most spiritual testimonies that I have ever heard! And he's super chill and laid back. He calls me bro and brother. He works for a nutrition shop and he said that he's going to hook me up with some protein, SCORE! But it was great to see the Spirit work with him and he wants to get back into church and get sealed to his family, so that is going to be incredible! His name is Anthony and he is a pretty beefy guy, but you can see his kindness and love towards others!

We got to go to the temple this weekend and it was special. We went down with the Beridon family, who just moved into the ward. Brother Beridon is a new member and it was his first time at the temple and he had a particularly nice time there! I ran into Elder Nielsen and his new companion and it was great to see them! They came down with a family that I got close with when I was in Pampa so it was great to see them!

I'm grateful for all of the Lord's tender mercies that He has put in my life! Love you all and continue to have a tremendous week!


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