January 4, 2016


Canyon Texas


Elder Elies

Whitewashed to Canyon Texas

Alright so this was the craziest week of my mission! So like I said last week, I'm getting whitewashed into an area. That is where they pull all the missionaries out of an area and bring two new missionaries in to work the area. Well, because of the weather, transfers got pushed back to Saturday! So I was able to celebrate my 6 month mark in Pampa, which was nice! We drove to Amarillo on Saturday and got to see all of my buddies at the transfer site! A lot of them are getting transferred down to Midland, which is far away, and that's sad but there are some missionaries that are coming up that I came out with, so that's exciting!

My companion is Elder Elies. He's from Micronesia, which is an island near Guam. He's awesome, he's 5' 4", eats a TON, and he hunts sharks for fun. He has a sweet scar on his knee from when a shark tried to get him. He said that when I get back and if I ever go down to Micronesia, he's going to take me shark hunting! Pretty epic! He's been out for about 16 months and he has a lot of door knocking experience, which is probably going to be needed! He is hilarious too and I'm excited to have the chance to work with him!

My new address, 2714 6th Ave. Apt. 12 Canyon, TX 79015. So go ahead and start sending letters my way, I know you want too ;) haha!!

So this part of my mission I can already tell is going to be one of the hardest. The day before we got here, the zone leaders told us that our car was given to another set of missionaries, which means that I'm in a bike area...whoopy! And a bunch of snow dumped on us last week and we're expecting more this week. This is the worst time of the year to be given a bike area haha, but I'm looking at it with high hopes! We’ll be in a position to meet the right people and this will be an opportunity for me to grow even more as a missionary, show the Lord how hard I can work and get in a little better shape. I love all of you and I cant wait to share more of my experiences with you! Remember to do all things with an eye single to the glory of God!

Be safe,
Elder Bollwinkel


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