December 28, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Neilsen

Gonna miss Pampa!

Wow this week was crazy! We had such a fun Christmas I'm so thankful for the opportunity that I had to Skype my family and I'm glad that they are all doing great!

This week we got fed every day, which hasn’t happened at all while I've been on my mission. It must've been Christmas or something this week lol. This weekend was crazy, we got a huge snowstorm that threw down like a foot and a half of snow and we were snowed in all of Sunday and church even got cancelled! Elder Nielsen and I were assigned to give a talk on Sunday and the 2nd counselor gave us a day to prepare a talk, so I think that was the Lord lookin out for us and maybe them. Haha!

We got to help Miah out this weekend and by demoing his bathroom, because he's redoing the floor. While we were tearing up the floor, we found two mummified cats under his house! And we also found HUGE rats under there too. It was pretty crazy!

So I have some very sad news: I got my transfer call... I'm getting transferred to the Canyon area. Actually, I'm getting whitewashed into the area with an Elder that was serving in Amarillo. His name is Elder Elies. He is from the islands of Guam and he is super ‘sick’! I've interacted with him a couple of times during zone conferences and he's awesome! But since we got hit with that huge storm, transfers aren't going to happen until Thursday, when they would usually happen on Tuesday. So after almost 6 months of being in Pampa, I'm getting transferred. Love the people here. I'll get you all my new address next week when I get settled in! So that's an exciting time for my mission!

The last couple days I've been packing up and getting ready to get shipped out of Pampa. Elder Nielsen is getting a missionary that has been out for like a year and a half so that'll be fun for him haha. My companion has been out for a little over a year and he's awesome.

I'm grateful for all of the miracles that the Lord has put in my life as I have served in Pampa and I can't wait to see all of the marvelous things that the He has in store for me in Canyon! I'm grateful for this opportunity that the Lord has provided for me. I know that I'm going to grow and my testimony is going to wax even stronger than it is now! I love all of you guys and I hope that you have a happy new year!

Elder Bollwinkel


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