November 30, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Neilsen

You're doing better than you think

We were able to strengthen our relationship a lot with Mark this week. He's been talking about a project on his car that he wanted help with, so we agreed to lend a hand. He wanted to get part of his truck painted so we got to do it in the most redneck way possible...with spray paint! We tagged his car with spray paint and it actually looked really good! If I would of had my camera I would've taken a picture, but it was fun! We've been lining things up for Melba's baptism and we are so stoked that she's getting baptized this weekend!

And of course it was Thanksgiving this last week and our ward did a turkey bowl, Elder Nielsen and I were so stoked for it! The Priests in our ward have been talking a lot of smack so we brought our ‘A’ game and tada; we both pulled off pic6's and took them back for a touchdown. It was pretty sweet! But unfortunately, I accidentally rolled my ankle towards the end of the game when I was going for a catch haha. No worries, I've been icing it and elevating it and it’s doing well, I'm walking again!

So at the end of this week it rained, turned into sleet, then snowed, then it all froze. There was about 1 1/2 inches of ice covering our entire car. We had to pour about 6 pitchers of water on the car just to clear off part of the windshield. I was not prepared for this - let me tell you. I'm not used to this turn on the car 30 minutes before you leave thing. I'm a white kid from Gilbert whose use to like 40-50 degree winters, not the 23-degree wind chill and freeze my lips off deal. But I'm getting used to it! It's a nice little wake up call!

This week I've been pondering on the quote, "You're doing better than you think you are” because as a missionary - you face a lot of rejection. Here in the panhandle of Texas, we don't teach a lot of people because of pride and whatnot, so it's pretty frustrating. In sacrament meeting, a speaker was addressing us and said, "You're doing better than you think you are." For a moment I thought he was talking directly to me. So I looked up really fast and he just kept on talking and I was confused for a moment. But I know that somehow that was directed right toward me. That's something that I've really needed to hear and right now it's one of my all time favorite quotes! I want you all to know that no matter how bad you think your day or week is and if you think that you haven't accomplished anything, remember that you're doing better than you think you are! I love you all!
Elder Bollwinkel


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