November 23, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Neilsen

Weird weather * New house * Turkey bowl * Melba

Wow this was a crazy week! Monday was ridiculous because there were like 3 tornadoes that touched down in Pampa! So we got to spend three hours in a storm shelter with our ward mission leader and his family and the Sister missionaries in this area. It was pretty intense while the tornados ripped through our town!

The next day we spent most of it doing service and helping clean up the mess and aftermath. Only three houses and a few industrial plants got destroyed so that was a blessing. But we were able to help quite a few people! It was a great opportunity to teach people and let them know that we are here to help! Also it snowed on Tuesday so that was weird to experience because it never snows in Gilbert. And then the next couple of days it was warm and nice, so it was really random weather!

Okay so we really did move, again. My new address is 418 Frost St. Pampa, Texas 79065 I know how badly all of you want to write me so don't hesitate now! haha But our new place is nice and it's more in our area so it's going to be a huge benefit to us! And it has central heating so that is a blessing! A couple of members had extra furniture that they were wanting to get rid of so we got two recliners for free!! Super exciting!

Elder Nielsen and I have been prepping for something huge this coming week. Obviously we have Thanksgiving this week, which is going to be awesome, but there's something that is happening on the day of Thanksgiving that we are getting hyped for. And that's the Turkey Bowl. Now, you may think that it's a big deal in G-Town, but it's a huge deal here. People are trash-talking everyday, teams are already getting together, and it’s going to be crazy! Elder Nielsen and I go to the high school every morning and we condition for about 30 minutes and we're just getting adjusted to the climate and what not. Our parents shipped out our cleats so that we can annihilate all of the priests in the ward. I'll let you know how it goes next week!

So we had the incredible experience to go and give Melba a blessing this week because of the stress that she is going through. The next day when we came back she talked about it and said that when we put our hands on her head, she felt an energy of some sort on her head and it ran down her back. We testified to her that that feeling was the Holy Ghost and she said that she liked it and wants it more in her life! Our faces lit up! She just texted us this morning and said that she's been thinking about the church a lot and wants to be baptized on the 12 of December! We are so stoked! It's kind of been a roller coaster with her because she dropped her baptismal date with us, and that bummed us out a lot. Then we have lessons where she understands everything and then others when it goes right over her head and we aren’t sure how to explain. But now we're so stoked to be able to prepare her for baptism! It's been a true blessing to be able to have this opportunity to teach her and bring her closer to Christ

I wanted to leave everyone with a quote that I heard recently. It's from a man named Eric Thomas. He's a motivational speaker and he knows how to make your bones shiver! He said, " IF YOU WANT TO SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND, THEN YOU GOT TO GET CUT LIKE A DIAMOND." That spoke so loudly to me because in order for us to grow in the eyes of the Lord, we have to get cut down by Him so that we can grow to be what he wants us to be. In order for us to get stronger, we have to humble ourselves and show our weaknesses. That is something that I am trying harder and harder to do and I challenge all of ya'll to do it as well. I love you guys and keep on keeping on!

Happy Thanksgiving all!
Elder Bollwinkel


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