November 9, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Neilsen

Temple Trip!

Alright this was a fresh week! Got to go to the Temple this week and it was my first time since July! It was a true blessing! Miah, a recent convert, drove us down there and it was a blast! Miah's really into old cars and we drove down to Lubbock in a 1984 Chrysler with red velvet interior. We felt like gangsters! Miah is about 6'5" and I was privileged to baptize him, it was very difficult haha, but it was also funny to watch I’m sure! While in Lubbock we found a Raising Cane's and stopped there for lunch, it was scrumptious!

We've been meeting with Mark and Melba quite a bit as we prepare Melba for baptism. We have an incredible relationship with them and Melba is getting super interested in the church. When we first met Mark her less active husband, he said that he vowed never to step foot in a church building for the rest of his life. But we did some service for him, invited them to the trunk or treat and he walked inside the church building and had a great time! Now he has told us that only his wife can tell him what to do and if she wants to go to church, then he'll go with her. Mark likes to harass us and we harass him. So I told him, "Mark, you just gave yourself away, we're going to get you active now." He looked down at the ground and just swore to himself, it was sort of hilarious. He then told us that the "door" to getting him back to the church was halfway closed. I looked at him and said, "Mark, you're wrong, it's halfway open!" He sat there for a sec and said that that was a good point and we shared a laugh. One night when we were driving by his house, I got out a sticky note and wrote, "Tag, you're it. Love, the Elders" and then about twenty minutes later we got a text from him and said, "that was a good one!" haha we met with them last night and helped them burn some DVD's from their computer. They aren't the most technologically advanced people, despite the fact that they have a flat screen, the newest HP computer, Galaxy S6 Edges and a Tablet. They don't know how to use most of it, in fact they were almost as amazed as King Lamoni was when he found out how faithful Ammon was to serving him. They ended up feeding us dinner, which was awesome, and we're going to help Mark with his truck sometime this week. We then brought Sister Garcia with us to teach a lesson to them. Melba and Sister Garcia got along so well! Mark told us, that's the way you’re going to get her into the church is to help her find friends in the ward, so that's what we're focusing on right now for her. It's kinda funny because Mark told us he's never going back, but to me it seems like he secretly wants to return because he likes all the attention from it. I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for us with this couple.

Something amazing that I get to do as District Leader is I get to conduct baptismal interviews. I feel fortunate to do two of them this week! I'm going on exchanges Tuesday with one of the Zone Leaders and doing an interview with one of the Sister's investigators there. Then I get to do one on Thursday evening for one of the Pampa Sister's investigators! It will be tremendous! I can't wait!

This is the last week of the transfer so pray for me that I don't leave Pampa because I love this place too much and we're starting to see the fruits of our efforts! I'm so grateful to see the blessings in my life as I serve. The Lord is literally dumping us at the feet of marvelous people and it's such a great feeling to know that you're fulfilling your purpose as a missionary! I love you all and please continue to live faithfully to your heavenly father! Always remember to fight the good fight!

Elder Bollwinkel


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