October 26, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Neilsen

Stellar Week!

Alright so this was a pretty stellar week! First of all, there was a big mix up in me moving. The sisters were supposed to tell their landlord that we wanted a certain house but they didn't tell her in time so she rented it to someone else. So my address is NOT 401 Hill St. For the next two weeks it's going to be 205 Sumner St. That’s the sisters’ old house that they just moved out of. Then after those two weeks we're moving to a nicer place and its address is 418 Frost Street. So send mail to the house on Sumner Street until Nov. 9th, then after two weeks send it to the place on Frost Street. If you want to be safe wait a month and then send mail.

We had Zone conference on Tuesday, so we got to go to Amarillo for that and wow was it incredible! President and Sister Heap instructed us during it and so did the AP's! It was great to be able to hear everything that I needed to help me as a missionary. Another cool thing is that I'm going to be able to use everything that they instructed on in our District Meetings. So I'll be able to expound on that and help apply it to the lives of the missionaries that I'm over. I got to see all of my buddies that serve in Amarillo and it was great to see them. Elder Slater gave me his flash drive so I can get a bunch of music from him! That’s how most missionaries’ listen to music is through flash drives! I thought it was weird but now I love it! I can store so much on there!

So on Monday, Oli invited us over for quesadillas and they were delicious! We got to help make them so I was able to bring out my inner Mexican. There's a couple pictures of Oli so that's what he looks like: just a shorter dude with a beard, He's hilarious. This coming Friday is Kiara and Andrea's Baptism! I can't wait! It's going to be my first baptism in the field and I couldn't thank the Lord enough! We've been working with Kiara and Andrea ever since I got here and I'm so pumped! I will baptize Kiara and Elder Nielsen will be baptizing Andrea. We're so stoked and they are too. I'll be sure to send ya'll some pictures next week!

We've been teaching Douglas and Delissa quite a bit and we had a really cool experience with them! While we were in a lesson, Delissa texted us and asked if we could come to her mom's house. Of course we said yes and we went over there. Well, Douglas wasn't there, but Delissa's mom was! We taught her The Restoration and she loved it! We're going to go teach her some more and commit all three of them to baptism! Douglas and Delissa have stopped drinking tea and coffee, which doesn't happen in Texas. People here pretty much stick an IV in their arm and pump their veins with sweet tea. So that change is awesome! Douglas has been reading and we found an old white shirt and gave it to him to wear! They are going to be so great!

Elder Nielsen and I are two peas in a pod. We're both fairly new to the mission so we know about the most up to date American culture haha. Our teaching pattern is starting to get smoother and that's been a blessing.

That's the highlights of the week! Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers! I need them! It's sweet to see everyone back home and hearing about all that they're doing! Remember to keep your lives centered on Jesus Christ! He'll be able to mold you into something great!

Elder Bollwinkel


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